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CERTIFIED Software Developer Foundation (C#)

ABOUT Certified SOftware Developer CERTIFICATION

By obtaining GSDC Certifications, both current and aspiring software professionals can enhance their proficiency as members of software development teams and write sustainable code. Possessing a GSDC certificate enables individuals to apply a full-stack approach to actual software development projects.

C# is a highly versatile programming language that serves as a Swiss Army Knife in software development. It is designed to support various software development types, including web, mobile, and app development, while also being simple to learn. C# allows developers to create .NET applications that can be easily deployed across different platforms, including Windows, Linux, Mac, and cloud-based environments, as well as in containers.


Objectives Of Full Stack Developer Certification

  • To know the working understanding of software development.
  • To know the tools and best practices in software development.
  • To enhance your programming and technical skills.
  • How to write error-free code.
  • How to test and debug software and web application.
  • Use of the latest tools and concepts in application development.

Sample Certificate


Target Audiences :

GSDC Certification is for all those who want to prove they can apply their entry-level Java developer skills into real-life projects. Examples of typical job titles with 0-2 years of experience:



1. Introduction to Visual Studio

How to get started with Visual Studio

o     Introduction to the .NET Framework

o     A tour of the Visual Studio IDE

o     How to test a project

How to design a Windows Forms Application

o     Visual Studio Options and Settings

o     Creating new projects

How to code and test a Windows Forms Application

o     Introduction to object-oriented programming

o     Properties, methods, and events

o     How an application responds to events

o     Coding a form

o     How to run, test, and debug a project

2. The C# language essentials

How to Work with Numeric and String Data

o     Built-in value types

o     Declaring and initializing variables and constants

o     Arithmetic expressions

o     Assignment statements

o     Casting

o     Using the Math class

How to code control structures

o     Boolean expressions

o     Conditional statements

o     Loops

How to code methods and event handlers

o     Coding and calling methods

o     Parameterizing methods

o     Refactoring code into a method

o     Passing arguments by value and by reference to a method

How to handle exceptions and validate data

o     How exceptions work

o     Using Structured exception handling

o     Validating data

How to use Arrays and Collections

o     One-dimensional arrays

o     Multi-dimensional arrays

o     Jagged arrays

o     Collections

5. Object-Oriented Programming

How to create and use classes

o     Introduction to classes

o     Adding classes to a project

o     Adding class members

  •     Fields
  •     Properties
  •     Methods
  •     Constructors
  •     Static Members

o     Diagraming classes

o     Structures

How to work with Inheritance

o     How inheritance works

o     Creating base and derived (sub) classes

o     Polymorphism

6. Database Programming

An introduction to database programming

o     Components of a client/server system

o     Introduction to relational databases

o     Using SQL

o     Introduction to ADO.NET

How to use ADO.NET to write your own data access code (If Time Permits)

o     Connections and Commands

o     Parameterized SQL Statements

o     Executing Commands



The Global Skill Development Council (GSDC) is an independent, vendor-neutral, international credentialing and certification organization for emerging technologies:

  • Advisory board members and SMEs are from around the world, drawn from different specializations.
  • Supported by the world's most esteemed thought leaders from Yale, MIT, Stanford, Wharton, and Harvard.
  • Hub of Trending Technologies and framework certifications.
  • Content curated by Industry's best Subject matter experts.
  • Webinars and Conferences.
  • Training Partners Across The Globe.
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The Global Skill Development Council (GSDC) is an Independent, Vendor Neutral, International Credentialing and Certification Organization for Professionals.

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