What is EqualEdge

GSDC has created a global support group(Equal Edge) where Individual can ask career related questions, gain knowledge via series of webinars/summits, find established mentors to help the with their transition in career and potentially connect them with a good job opportunity all through EqualEdge Mentoring platform.

EqualEdge is a non-profit initiative by GSDC that aims to provide support to the global community with below goals

    •  Empowering & Supporting Women Skill Development Initiatives
    •  Empowering career transition and transformation for professionals
    •  Campus to Corporate transition for graduates

We would be kickstarting the EqualEdge initiative On International Women’s day with the objective of empowering Women Skill Development Initiatives.

Why Attend?


Challenges Faced By The Womens

Women often encounter difficulties when re-entering the workforce following a period of a career break.


Live Panel Discussions

Be a part of an organized panel discussion to address these challenges.


Connect & Learn from Mentors

A great opportunity for women to connect, gain insights, and learn from mentors.


Women Empowering Womens

We are creating community where women empower each other by providing support and empowerment for those who are returning to their career paths.


Panel Discussion

We would be kickstarting the EqualEdge initiative On International Women’s day via Live Panel Discussion with Exclusive Industry Leaders with the objective of empowering Women through Skill Development Initiatives.

    •   Topic: Amplifying Women's Success: The EqualEdge Initiative for Women's Empowerment
    • Date: 8th March 2023
    • Time: 9:30 AM CST | 11:30 PM SGT | 9 PM IST

Panel Discussion Speakers

Great people that will be speaking at the event

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