What is this all about?

The Generative AI in Risk and Compliance webinar will explore how AI technologies can transform risk management and compliance strategies, offering insights, practical applications, and expert guidance to enhance organizational efficiency and foresight

    •   Learn to identify and mitigate critical threats before they escalate.
    •  Learn various techniques for improving compliance procedures via AI-Driven Automation.
    •  Explore knowledge of real case studies and the transformative impact of Gen AI on businesses.
    •  Tune in for a complimentary webinar and get a headstart
    •  Explore the practices of Generative AI practices in risk and compliance.

Why should you attend ?


Stay Ahead of Trends: Gain insights into the latest AI technologies reshaping risk management and compliance, ensuring your organization remains at the forefront of industry advancements.


Practical Applications: Learn how to implement AI-driven solutions to proactively identify risks, automate compliance processes, and enhance decision-making in real-world scenarios.


Expert Guidance: Engage with industry experts and thought leaders who will share their experiences, best practices, and case studies, empowering you to apply AI effectively in your organization.


Networking Opportunities: Connect with peers and professionals in the field, expanding your network and exchanging valuable insights on leveraging Generative AI for risk and compliance.


Win Rewards: The top winner of the gamification session during the webinar will win a $400 voucher, and the top 3 winners will be featured on the "Wall of Fame."


Who is the ideal audience for this ?

    • Risk Managers
    • Compliance Officers
    • Data Analysts
    • IT and AI Professionals
    • Business Leaders
    • Financial Services Professionals
    • Consultants and Advisors
    • Program head or Project head



Keynote Speakers

Great people that will be speaking at the event


The Schedule

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