Event Briefing

Welcome to the GSDC Global HR Summit 2023 - a virtual event that brings together HR professionals, experts, and thought leaders from around the world to discuss the latest trends, innovations, and strategies in human resource management. Here are the essential details:

  •   Schedule: 22nd - 23rd,May 2023 Time: 8:30 AM Central Standard Time (CST), 9:30 PM Singapore Time (SGT), and 7 PM Indian Standard Time (IST)
  •   Gain knowledge from industry-leading HR professionals.
  •   Acquire practical knowledge and strategies to implement in your HR role.
  •   60-minute sessions with various industry leaders & speakers.
  •   Stay ahead of the curve in HR management & stay updated on the latest trends and practices in HR.
  •   Live panel discussion where the speakers will come together to discuss their perspectives and ideas on the topics covered during the event.

Whats In It? For You


Topics of Discussion

Managing Talent in Global & Digital Workplaces

Building Better HR & Hiring Manager Relationships


Who should Join ?

Senior managers, HR executives 

HR consultants & advisors

Business owners, entrepreneurs, seeking to improve their HR practices


Why You should Join ?

Learn from top HR experts

Stay ahead of the curve in HR management

Explore virtual exhibition booths

Gain actionable insights and strategies

Interact with panelists


Keynote Speakers

Great people that will be speaking at the event

The Schedule

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About Organizer

  • GSDC is an independent, vendor neutral, international credentialing and certification organization for Emerging Technology and skill based framework Certifications with over 50,000 certified learners across the globe. There are over 70+ GSDC portfolios designed by top industry leaders who act as GSDC SMEs and advisory members and are academic affiliates from top universities such as Yale, MIT, Stanford, Wharton and Harvard.