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What is Procurement

Procurement is a process of searching and admitting to the terms to acquire services, resources, and works from an external source, often through a bidding process. Procurement as an organizational process is focused to make sure that the buyer receives goods, services, or works at the best possible price when aspects such as quality, quantity, time, and location are compared. Professionals working in a similar field find it as a challenging role where the responsibility of the Manager is to reduce or optimize the company's spend and help the company to achieve significant cost savings by means of strategies developed through research.

Procurement Professional Aspects:

  •   Reduces or optimizes the company's spend
  •   Helps the company to achieve significant cost savings
  •   Has excellent Spend Management Skills
  •   Has the ability to negotiate with suppliers at ease
  •   Acquires an exceptional analytical bent of mind
  •   Acquires the skill of number crunching
  •   Master in team handling

Why Procurement-Summit

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, Supply Chain Management got affected in many organizations. To recover from that condition, new technologies were implemented and digital transformation helped to pick up the lost speed in a huge way. In our Global Procurement Summit 2021, our speakers from across the world are going to talk about their procurement strategies and how is it going to be a new normal even in the post-COVID scenario.

Some more reasons for you to attend this summit are:

  •   Knowledge sharing from industry experts.
  •   Get a Free GSDC Membership worth $109.
  •   Free of cost registration
  •   Q & A sessions with industry experts.
  •   Real Life case study discussions.
  •   Session recordings.
  •   Networking with peers across the globe.
  •   Learn various proven strategies.
  •   Interesting and engaging topics to discuss.

More Reason to Attend


Meet the experts

Procurement Summit gives you an opportunity to get your questions answered by experts and panelist


Join from your home's comfort

You can attend this summit from anywhere in the world since it going to be a virtual summit


Certificate of Participation from GSDC

You will get a Certificate of participation after the completion of the summit so you can be a part of our community.


The idea of technical implementation

You will get an idea about technical implementation in your supply chain management strategies


Keynote Speakers

Great people that will be speaking at the event

The Schedule

Frequently Ask Question


  • This is a knowledge-sharing initiative for the benefit of the Procurement Professionals and Supply Chain Manager community. Organizers, speakers, Volunteers do not intend to make any commercial gain out of this.
  • Representatives of Recruitment Agencies, Competitor Events, Training Organizations will not be allowed access to the event.