Finished your certification from GSDC? If yes, then we have a platform for you to share your stories! We are looking forward to connecting to people with an inspiring story about their certification journey. Why they decided to get certified, how did they prepare themselves to get certified, how the certification impacted their life- everything will be wrapped up there.

We already know that getting certified from GSDC can open a lot of career opportunities for you, boost your confidence and build your skillset with a quality amount of leadership potential. But we want to hear it from you, and the rest of the IT world wants that too. So come forward, share your experience with us, and tell us about your overall experience. It’s not an issue even if you are more comfortable with your native language. We will be glad to publish your video in your native language itself!

Things to consider

  1. Start with your introduction, including your name and the fact that you’re here to inspire the journey “From influenced to upskilled”
  2. While recording your video, check the lighting in front of you and make sure that it’s even so that your face is clearly visible, keep your camera at eye level, if possible use an external microphone and stay away from stuff that can make additional noise like radios, fans, etc.
  3. Keep your background clutter-free
  4. Maintain the video length of a maximum of 3 minutes in length.
  5. And last but not least, be yourself. Talk in your native language, use your quirks and humor, and you’ll rock!

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