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Certified DevOps Developer (CDD)


The GSDC Certified DevOps Developer (CDD) certification offers you the opportunity to become a certified DevOps developer, equipped with the necessary skills to excel in today's technology-driven world. 

This highly regarded devops developer certification offered by GSDC, emphasizes practical knowledge and hands-on experience in DevOps development methodologies and practices. 

By obtaining the certified DevOps developer certificate from GSDC, you demonstrate your proficiency in applying DevOps principles and automating workflows, essential for streamlining software development and collaboration. 

With the certified DevOps developer (CDD) certification, you enhance your professional credibility and showcase your commitment to delivering high-quality software solutions efficiently and effectively


Few more things to consider while pursuing Certified DevOps Developer (CDD):

  • The demand for certified DevOps developers is rapidly increasing across various industries.

  • DevOps practices enable accelerated software delivery and seamless operations.

  • The GSDC Certified DevOps Developer certification positions you as a high-demand professional capable of driving innovation and efficiency in the software development lifecycle.

  • Devops developer certification opens doors to exciting career opportunities in the world of DevOps.

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OBJECTIVES of DevOps Developer Certification

The high-level learning objectives of the Certified DevOps Developer Certification course are mainly designed in such a way that the participants will:
1. Acquire DevOps knowledge and familiarize yourself with tools.
2. Master Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery practices.
3. Develop effective implementation strategies for DevOps.
4. Create lightweight, reproducible, and portable development environments.
5.Implement continuous integration (CI) utilizing Jenkins.
6. Establish infrastructure monitoring using Nagios.
7. Perform configuration management using Chef.
8. Demonstrate understanding of DevOps concepts and tools.
9. Validate knowledge of Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery.
10. Authenticate proficiency in implementing DevOps strategies.
11. Verify comprehension of cloud computing and virtualization.


TARGET AUDIENCES of DevOps Developer Certification

The target audience for Certified DevOps Developer Certification is professionals across all IT practices. Anyone who is a part of any kind of IT project or wish to understand the DevOps methodology will benefit from this course.

Software Developers

IT Service Managers

Project & Program Managers

Business Analysts

Testing Professionals

Data Center Professionals

Release Managers

Change Managers

System Architects

System Engineers



Expert Curated E-Learning

Learn from the best

Practice Exams

Mocks curated by SME's will help you to pass final certification exam.


Certify your achievement with a globally valid certification.


BENEFITS of DevOps Developer Certification

Proficiency in utilizing DevOps tools and methodologies.

Expanded job opportunities and enhanced employability.

Streamlined software development procedures and enhanced team collaboration.

Competitive edge in the employment market.

Effective software delivery and deployment practices.

Increased earning potential and opportunities for salary growth.

Pathways for career advancement and professional growth.

Agility to adapt to evolving industry trends.

Accreditation as a certified DevOps professional.


PRE-REQUISITES for DevOps Developer Certification

Familiarity with software development, preferably in Java, and experience with UNIX/Linux systems.


DevOps Developer Certification EXAMINATION

Participants are recommended to undergo 16 hours of training by qualified DevOps trainer.
Examination consists of 40 multiple choice questions. All questions must be attempted.
Passing score is 70% i.e. 28 out of 40 questions must be answered correctly.
It is a closed book examination.
In case the participant do not score passing percentage then they will be granted a 2nd attempt at no additional cost. Re-examination can be taken up-to 30 days from date of 1st exam attempt.





James Miller

Designation -  IT Manager

The GSDC DevOps Developer Certification helped us assess the skills of our team members and identify any knowledge gaps that needed to be addressed. After obtaining the certification, our team felt more capable and confident in tackling any DevOps challenge that came our way. Highly recommended.

Maria Sanchez

Designation - Student

The GSDC DevOps Developer Certification helped me kickstart my career in DevOps by validating my knowledge and skills. It tested not only my theoretical knowledge but also my practical skills, which helped me gain confidence in my abilities to solve real-world problems. Highly recommended. 

David Lee

Designation - DevOps Engineer

The GSDC DevOps Developer Certification helped me stay up-to-date with the latest DevOps practices and tools. After obtaining the certification, I had more credibility with my colleagues and clients, which helped me gain the confidence to take on more complex projects and deliver better results. Highly recommended.


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