Dr. Paul Sin

Dr. Paul has over 20 years of IT management and consulting experience focusing in financial services sector, currently leading the FinTech practice and Asia Pacific Blockchain Lab in Deloitte.

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Anthony Lai

Anthony is a Strategist, Mentor, Investor, books Author, Public Speaker, a blockchain architect and advocate.

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Yael Tamar

Yael is a blockchain strategist, storyteller, speaker, advisor and mentor. Her mission this year is to raise awareness about the hurdles to blockchain adoption and inspire companies for blockchain implementation.

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Antonio Grasso

Expert and influencer on Blockchain,Artificial Intelligence,cybersecurity,digital transformation,the internet of things,and Advisor and mentor to startups – bringing ideas to success.

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Hayden Liu

Hayden has worked for a few years as a data scientist and applied his machine learning expertise in computational advertising, NLP, fraud detection and recommendation system.

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 Gustavo A. Montero

Gustavo, is a Swiss national and a trained Engineer/Blockchain Technology Industry Specialist.
He is the co-Founder and Chairman of Agar LLC.

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Godwin Schembri

In recent years Godwin shared his expertise as an independent consultant and co-founded knowmenow, a global KYC solution developed natively on the blockchain.

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Harinder Seera

Harinder is CTO & Consultant at OzPerf , Author, Public Speaker and a Blockchain & BigData advocate.

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Rahul Kanotra

Rahul works in designing, developing and implementing payment solutions around the globe.
He is an expertise in payment domain with keen interest in Blockchain technology.

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Hayk Hakobyan

Hayk is a partner at Vision Capital, ICO financial advisory in SEA, in addition to being Expert-in-Residence at SOSV, the biggest VC accelerator in the world.

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Jim Nasr

Jim Nasr is the VP of Technology & Innovation at Synchrogenix, a Certara company.

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Shameer Thaha

Shameer is the CEO of Accubits (MENA), a technology company focused on AI & Blockchain.
He believes that AI & Blockchain has the capability to augment our abilities to innovate & push the world forward for good.

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Tal Catran

Tal is a keynote speaker on Blockchain, Startup National Eco-System, presenting a wide overview regarding the entrepreneurs challenges in making reality out of a dream, the era of accelerators and Incubators.

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Ramy AlDamati

Ramy AlDamati is the Co-Founder of GloryThink : The Source of Complete Blockchain Knowledge, Products, Services & Trading

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Jacob Piotrowski

Give Bytes is the first crowdfunding platform where users can support any fundraising campaigns of their choice by donating their computing power

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Adv. Aviya Arika

Aviya is passionately focused on crypto and blockchain legal practice. This passion has led her to develop and manage the blockchain practice of a Fintech TLV law firm

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About Technical Advisory Board

The Technical Advisory Board plays an important role in helping to shape the skill requirements for emerging technologies & to provide a customer centric solution.

This includes offering "enterprise-grade" professional skill development for IT executives, business leaders and technology experts. The Technical Advisory Board represents Industries well known Experts, Architects & Leaders.


Advisors' Roles

Provide industry insights on emerging technologies and highlight challenges that need to be addressed in the program as they relate to Blockchain, Emerging Technologies & Digital Business Transformation.
Review curriculum and positioning of the program to help align this with current and anticipated skill requirements.
Provide more directed guidance and support on an occasional basis to help sound out ideas, speaking to the initiative, or helping with highly selective and directed out reach.
Participate in Webinar, best practice sharing conferences to share thoughts on emerging areas.

Join our Technical Advisory Board by sharing your profile on advisoryboard@gsdcouncil.org

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