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Certified DevOps Architect (CDA)

ABOUT Certified DevOps Architect

GSDC Certified DevOps Architect is designed for professionals who possess advanced skills in architecting and implementing DevOps practices and technologies.

With a strong emphasis on practical knowledge, the CDA certification equips you with the necessary tools and techniques to successfully lead and streamline the software development lifecycle.

By earning this certification, you demonstrate your proficiency in integrating development, operations, and quality assurance processes, enabling organizations to achieve faster delivery, improved collaboration, and increased business agility.

The DevOps Architect certification is a highly recognized credential that validates your expertise as a DevOps Architect. 

As a Certified DevOps Architect, you are equipped to drive innovation, enhance operational efficiency, and deliver high-quality software solutions. Stay ahead in this rapidly evolving technology landscape and unlock exciting career opportunities with the globally recognized CDA certification.

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OBJECTIVES of DevOps Architect Certification

1. Understand the current delivery pipeline.
2. To develop action plans for DevOps transformation.
3. Architect and implement efficient DevOps practices.
4. Integrate development, operations, and quality assurance.
5. Streamline software development lifecycle for agility.
6. Drive innovation and enhance operational efficiency.
7. Enable faster and more collaborative software delivery.
8. Lead teams to deliver high-quality solutions.
9. Stay ahead in the evolving technology landscape.


TARGET AUDIENCES For Certified DevOps Architect:

The target audience for Certified DevOps Architect Certification is professionals across all IT practices. Anyone who is a part of any kind of IT project or wish to understand the DevOps methodology will benefit from this certification.

IT Manager, Project Manager Development Managers, Engineering Managers

Configuration Managers, Release Managers

Build Engineer, Development Leads, Developers, UI/UX Developers

Infrastructure Architects, System Architects

Product Managers, Product Owners



Expert Curated E-Learning

Learn from the best

Practice Exams

Mocks curated by SME's will help you to pass final certification exam.


Certify your achievement with a globally valid certification.


BENEFITS Of Certified DevOps Architect

Open doors to senior-level DevOps positions.

Gain the ability to optimize software delivery pipelines.

Build cross-functional expertise in development and operations.

Drive organizational agility and adaptability.

Establish yourself as a trusted advisor in DevOps transformation.

Gain recognition as a sought-after DevOps Architect.

Secure leadership roles in top-tier organizations.

Accelerate career growth with valuable industry credentials.

Command higher salaries and lucrative compensation packages.


PRE-REQUISITES For Certified DevOps Architect

There is no such recommended experience required for getting this certification.


Certified DevOps Architect EXAMINATION

There will be Multiple Choice Questions exam of 40 marks.
You need to acquire 26+ marks to clear the exam.
If you fail, you can retake the exam after one day.
In case the participant does not score passing percentage, they will be granted a 2nd attempt at no additional cost. Re-examination can be taken up to 30 days from the date of the 1st exam attempt.

Sample Certificate



  • 1.Introduction to DevOps:
    • What is DevOps?
    • Why DevOps?
    • What is Continuous Deployment?
    • What is Continuous Integration
  • 2. Lab Setup:
    • Lab Setup process on Google Cloud and AWS
  • 3.GIT – Version Control System:
    • What is Version Control System
    • Types of VCS
    • Introduction to GIT Architecture
    • Logs and Diff Command in GIT
    • Removing files from wd and local repository
    • GIT Ignore
    • GIT Checkout
    • GIT Reset
    • Branching, Merging and Conflicts in GIT
    • GIT Stash
    • Remote Repository Github
    • Git Clone
    • GIT Pull
    • GIT Fetch
  • 4.MAVEN – Build Automation Tool:
    • Why and What is Maven?
    • Maven LifeCycle and Architecture
    • Pom file in Maven
    • Maven Installation
  • 5. JENKINS:
    • Introduction to Jenkins
    • Jenkins Setup and Launch
    • CICD Pipeline in Jenkins
    • Maven Jobs in JENKINS
    • Create Pipeline in JENKINS
    • Distributed Architecture in Jenkins
    • Adding linux slave to jenkins master
    • Jenkins Pipeline
    • Jenkins File
    • Multiconfiguration Project type in Jenkins
  • 6.DOCKER:
    • VMS Vs Containers
    • Docker Architecture
    • Container LifeCycle
    • Docker Volumes
    • Attaching volume to containers
    • Creating volume with v flag
    • Migrating Docker volumes
  • 7.Docker Swarm – Container Orchestrator Tool:
    • Docker Swarm – 1
    • Docker Swarm – 2
    • Setup
    • Swarm cluster scaling and load balancing
  • 8.Docker Machine:
    • Introduction to Docker Machine
    • Creating docker hosts on GCP
  • 9.Kubernetes with Amazon EKS:
    • Introduction to Kubernetes and its Architecture
    • What is Amazon EKS
    • Kubernetes Cluster Setup
    • Pods in Kubernetes
    • LoadBalancer Service
    • Blue Green Deployment in Kubernetes
    • Autoscaling in Kubernetes cluster with EKS


Jane Corner

Designation - CTO of CornTech

As the Chief Technology Officer of a fast-growing tech startup, I was facing a major challenge in optimizing our software delivery and operations. After getting certified as a DevOps Architect from GSDC, I was able to design and implement a DevOps strategy that helped us streamline our processes and deliver high-quality software faster than ever before. I highly recommend the GSDC Certified DevOps Architect certification to anyone looking to advance their career in DevOps.

John Fitz

Designation - Senior DevOps Architect at Futoz Creatives

As a DevOps Engineer with several years of experience, I was looking to take my skills to the next level and become a DevOps Architect. The GSDC Certified DevOps Architect certification was the perfect choice for me. The exam was challenging, but it helped me validate my skills and knowledge in DevOps architecture and design. Thanks to the certification, I was able to land my dream job as a Senior DevOps Architect at a leading tech company. 

Michael Brown

Designation - DevOps Consultant

I recently got certified as a GSDC Certified DevOps Architect, and it has been one of the best decisions I've made for my career. Since getting certified, I've noticed a significant increase in job opportunities and have been able to negotiate better pay and benefits. Couldn't recommend it more.


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