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Certified Cloud asset management 

ABOUT Cloud Asset management certification

As cloud computing continues to transform businesses, cloud asset management has become an essential skillset. The GSDC Certified Cloud Asset Management certification validates expertise in managing cloud assets efficiently. By getting certified in cloud asset management by GSDC, professionals demonstrate they have the required knowledge of cloud asset management best practices. The certification exam covers topics like cloud governance, cost optimization, security, and compliance.

Achieving GSDC's cloud asset management certification designates technologists as certified cloud asset managers. With the rise of multi-cloud environments, certified cloud asset managers who understand consolidating and governing cloud assets are in high demand.

Earning the GSDC cloud asset management certification shows commitment to effectively overseeing cloud platforms and resources. As cloud asset management grows more complex, the certified cloud asset management credential highlights technologists dedicated to optimizing cloud assets.

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objectives Of Cloud Asset Management Certification

1. Master cloud asset lifecycle management.
2. Understand cloud licensing and compliance.
3. Optimize cloud cost and resource utilization.
4. Implement cloud asset governance and risk management.
5. Integrate cloud asset management with IT service management.
6. Leverage cloud asset data for strategic decision-making.
7. Align cloud asset management with business objectives.
8. Stay current with cloud technology trends and best practices.


TARGET AUDIENCES For Certified cloud asset management

IT Asset Manager

Software Asset Manager

Senior Software Asset Analyst

IT Manager

Procurement Manager

Financial Manager

IT Operations Manager

Project Manager

Process Manager

Contract Manager

Risk Manager

Business Continuity Manager

Security Manager


BENEFITS Of Cloud asset management Certificate

Expertise in cloud asset mastery.

Accelerated career growth opportunities.

Maximized cost savings in cloud environments.

Minimized compliance and security risks.

Strengthened IT governance and control.

Data-driven strategic decision-making.

Alignment with industry-leading best practices.

Advanced cloud asset management competencies.




Work experience or knowledge in IT asset management, software asset management, or cloud computing is highly recommended but not strictly mandatory. However, a strong understanding of IT asset lifecycle management, software licensing, and cloud computing concepts is beneficial for success in the certification exam.


EXAMINATION of Cloud management Certification 

60-minutes exam.
40-multiple choice questions (MCQ).
26 out of 40-65% is needed to pass.
In case the participant does not score the passing percentage, they will be granted a 2nd attempt at no additional cost. Re-examination can be taken up to 30 days from the date of the 1st exam attempt.




  • 1.SAM Introduction:
    • SAM definition, concepts, and objectives
    • Why do organizations need SAM?
    • The Impact on IT asset lifecycle and business
    • The key roles in ITAM - stakeholders, functions, roles and responsibilities
    • Typical business issues and challenges in CSAM workflow
    • SAM best practices, framework
    • The business value of SAM
    • SAM from request to disposal
    • Key roles and stakeholders in a SAM program
    • Placement of SAM within the ITAM ecosystem
    • Concept of compliance
    • Risks and costs of software audits
    • Organizational Challenges and Pitfalls in the SAM Process
  • 2.Introduction to Cloud Asset Management:
    • Defining Cloud Asset Management
    • Emphasizing its importance and benefits
    • Contrasting with traditional asset management
  • 3.Cloud Computing Overview :
    • Introducing cloud computing concepts
    • Explaining public, private, and hybrid clouds
    • Describing IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS models
  • 4.Tools and Technologies for Cloud Asset Management:
    • Surveying available solutions
    • Exploring features of management tools
    • Integrating with other cloud systems
  • 5.Cloud Asset Lifecycle Management :
    • Understanding asset lifecycle stages
    • Planning and executing asset deployment
    • Monitoring, maintaining, and retiring assets
  • 6.Managing SaaS, IaaS and PaaS:
    • Acquire Phase
    • Receive Phase
    • Deploy Phase
    • In-Use Phase
    • Recover Phase
    • Dispose of Phase
    • Vendor Reports
    • Terms and Conditions
    • Vendor Scorecard
    • ITAM Data Center Challenges, Before Virtualization
    • ITAM Data Center Challenges, with Virtualization
    • The Data Center Transformation
    • The End-User
    • ITAM Supporting Processes
  • 7.Systematic Cloud Asset Management:
    • Overview – ISO/IEC 197701-1
    • Systematic Cloud Asset Management
  • 8.Securing Cloud Assets:
    • Addressing security challenges
    • Identifying risks and threats
    • Implementing best practices and compliance regulations


John Mayers

Designation - Cloud Solutions Architect

As a cloud architect at a large enterprise, I found immense value in getting GSDC's cloud asset management certification. The exam thoroughly tested my skills in consolidating multi-cloud resources and governing complex cloud environments. Achieving this certification has made me a more strategic cloud asset manager.

Phoebe Patel

Designation - Cloud Infrastructure Lead

I have over 10 years of experience managing cloud platforms and the GSDC certification pushed me to strengthen my cloud governance and cost optimization abilities. Preparing for the exam gave me new perspectives on overseeing dynamic cloud infrastructures. This credential sets me apart as an expert in controlling cloud spend and utilization.  

Michael Monroe

Designation - Cloud Administrator

As someone newer to public cloud administration, taking the GSDC cloud asset management exam provided a crash course in best practices for provisioning and securing cloud resources. Studying for the certification taught me how to align cloud usage with business goals across development, operations, and finance. I now feel well-prepared to effectively manage cloud assets.


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