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Certified Emotional Intelligence

ABOUT emotional Intelligence CERTIFICATION

Elevate your capabilities with the GSDC Certified Emotional Intelligence, a cutting-edge credential tailored to the demands of the modern world.

In an era where successful interactions drive personal and business growth, this certification in emotional intelligence empowers you to forge meaningful connections and navigate intricate social dynamics. Whether in leadership roles or collaborative endeavors, the emotional intelligence certification underscores your adeptness in comprehending and regulating emotions, fostering resilience and empathy.

By obtaining the certified emotional intelligence designation, you not only validate your proficiency but also demonstrate your commitment to fostering a harmonious and prosperous global community.

Embrace the emotional intelligence certificate as your badge of honor, showcasing your mastery in a skill that defines today's impactful leaders and changemakers. Your journey to becoming GSDC Emotional Intelligence starts Certification here, setting you on a path towards enhanced relationships and personal development.

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OBJECTIVE Of Emotional Intelligence Certification

1.Enhance understanding of emotions for effective communication.
2.Develop empathy and connect authentically with others.
3.Manage stress and emotions for better well-being.
4.Foster collaboration through heightened interpersonal skills
5.Strengthen leadership abilities by cultivating emotional intelligence.
6.Navigate conflicts and challenges with emotional resilience.
7.Create a harmonious and positive social environment.


Team Leaders and Managers

Sales and Customer Service Representatives

Human Resources Professionals

Project Managers optimizing teamwork and project success.



Healthcare Providers

Nonprofit Managers


BENEFITS of Emotional Intelligence Certification

Master emotions for effective team guidance

Connect authentically to boost sales performance.

Navigate challenges with emotional intelligence finesse.

Nurture positive workplace culture.

Optimize collaboration for project excellence.

Manage pressure for sustained productivity.

Emotionally intelligent solutions for innovation.

Smooth transitions through understanding emotions.


PRE-REQUISITES for Emotional Intelligence Certification

While there is no mandatory prerequisite for this certification, having a basic understanding in this field can certainly provide a helpful foundation.

Emotional Intelligence Certification EXAMINATION

90-minutes exam.
40-multiple choice questions (MCQ).
26 out of 40-65% is needed to pass.
In case the participant does not score the passing percentage, they will be granted a 2nd attempt at no additional cost. Re-examination can be taken up to 30 days from the date of the 1st exam attempt.



Emotional intelligence certification EXAM SYLLABUS

  • 1. Introduction:
    • Understanding Emotional Intelligence
    • Exploring the Current Landscape of Emotional Intelligence
    • Tracing the Evolution of Emotional Intelligence
    • Framework and Definitions of Emotional Intelligence
    • Exploring the Nature of Emotions
    • Varieties of Emotional Dispositions
  • 2. Awareness & Beyond:
    • Advantages of Cultivating EQ
    • Gauging Your Emotional Intelligence
    • Evaluating Yourself
    • Self-awareness Explored and More
    • Attunement to Emotional States
    • Practicing Mindfulness and Examining Beliefs
    • Developing Behavioral Consciousness
  • 3. Self Management:
    • A Prelude to Self-Management
    • Upholding Personal Integrity and Responsibility
    • Grounding Exercise: Establishing Connection
    • Deciphering Emotional Patterns
    • Navigating Mental Gateways
    • Harnessing the Power of Breath
    • Restructuring Cognitive Perspectives
    • Influential Factors on Emotion
    • Unveiling the Laws of Emotion
    • Dealing with Emotional Hijacking
  • 4. Motivation & Resilience:
    • Unveiling the Realities of Motivation
    • The Essence of Motivation
    • Balancing Realism and Optimism
    • Setting Achievable Goals
    • Confronting Inner and Outer Challenges
    • Strategies for Managing Stress
  • 5. Empathy:
    • Grasping Empathy and Cultivating Compassion
    • Essential Emotional Needs
    • Embracing Unconditional Positive Regard
    • Opportunities for Support and Contribution
    • Mindful Presence in Interactions
    • Diverse Facets of Empathy
  • 6. Relationships:
    • Enhancing Communication Skills
    • Navigating Conflict Resolution
    • Understanding Emotional Boundaries
    • The Strength of Confiding
    • Engaging in Relationship-building Activities


Nathaniel Johnson

Designation - HR Manager

GSDC's Emotional Intelligence certification unlocked my leadership potential. It's my secret to fostering an empathetic workplace, where teams thrive and productivity soars. Understanding emotions transformed my approach to resolving conflicts and creating a positive work culture.

Fina Ramirez

Designation - Sales Director

Emotional Intelligence certified - my sales skyrocketed. Authentic connections seal the deal, making clients feel valued and understood. This certification reshaped my communication strategies, giving me a competitive edge in a crowded market.

-Dr. Niles Winlock

Designation -Physician

As a doctor, empathy matters. GSDC Emotional Intelligence certified - it transformed patient care. By understanding and managing emotions, I've built stronger connections with patients, enhancing their healing journey and my overall medical practice.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How Do I Register for Emotional Intelligence Certification ?
    • Register Your Interest by clicking on this link: Register Now
  • 2. Who is the ideal audience for the GSDC Certified Emotional Intelligence?
    • The ideal audience for the GSDC Certified Emotional Intelligence includes professionals across various job roles, such as managers, team leaders, sales representatives, customer service agents, project managers, human resources specialists, educators, healthcare providers, and nonprofit leaders. This certification is designed to enhance interpersonal skills, emotional resilience, and effective communication, making it valuable for anyone seeking to excel in their respective roles.
  • 3. What is GSDC Certified Emotional Intelligence and what are its benefits?
    • GSDC Certified Emotional Intelligence is a recognized credential that validates an individual's proficiency in understanding and managing emotions effectively, fostering empathetic connections, and navigating diverse relationships. The benefits of this certification extend beyond skill validation, offering improved leadership capabilities, enhanced client relations, conflict resolution proficiency, better employee engagement, amplified project success, stress resilience, innovative problem-solving, and effective change management.
  • 4. What are the job prospects for GSDC Emotional Intelligence Certification?
    • Job prospects for individuals with GSDC Emotional Intelligence Certification are promising across industries. Professionals equipped with emotional intelligence skills are sought after for leadership positions, customer-facing roles, project management, human resources, education, healthcare, and nonprofit sectors. Their ability to connect, lead, and manage emotions enhances their career advancement and job opportunities.
  • 5.What is the relevance of GSDC Certified Emotional Intelligence in the industry?
    • GSDC Emotional Intelligence Certificate holds significant relevance in today's dynamic and interconnected industries. In a world driven by relationships and collaboration, professionals with emotional intelligence excel in leadership, teamwork, conflict resolution, and communication. This certification addresses the increasing need for individuals who can navigate emotions and relationships effectively, fostering a positive and productive work environment.
  • 6. How long is GSDC Emotional Intelligence Certification valid?
    • With GSDC certifications, you can rest assured that they will never expire, eliminating the need to renew them or pay any renewal fees.
  • 7. What benefits does GSDC Emotional Intelligence Certification provide to the organization?
    • GSDC Certified Emotional Intelligence benefits organizations by cultivating a more harmonious and collaborative work environment. Certified professionals contribute to improved team dynamics, better leadership, enhanced client relations, efficient conflict resolution, and higher employee engagement. Ultimately, organizations benefit from increased productivity, positive culture, and effective communication, leading to sustainable growth and success.


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