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Certified ISO 20000:2018 Lead Implementer


The GSDC Certified ISO 20000 Lead Implementer certification is designed for professionals seeking expertise in implementing and managing an IT service management system based on the ISO 20000:2018 standard. This certification validates your ability to effectively plan, implement, and maintain the IT service management processes and activities within an organization. 

With the GSDC Certified ISO 20000 Lead Implementer certification, you demonstrate your competence in aligning IT services with business objectives, improving service quality, and enhancing customer satisfaction. 

This certification serves as a testament to your skills and knowledge in IT service management, providing you with a competitive edge in the industry.

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  1. Understand ISO 20000:2018 requirements for service management.
  2. Plan and implement ISO 20000:2018 service management system
  3. Establish service management policies and objectives
  4. Identify and manage service management risks.
  5. Develop service management processes and procedures
  6. Implement service management controls and metrics
  7. Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of service management
  8. Ensure continual improvement of the service management system
  9. Prepare for ISO 20000:2018 certification audit


IT Managers/Support teams, Application Management team/Development team

System Administrators/Analysts, Process Owners/Practitioners

Operations Managers, Database Administrators

Service Delivery Professionals, Quality Analysts



Demonstrates expertise in ISO 20000:2018 implementation

Open doors to job roles with ISO 20000 requirements

Validates skills in service management implementation

Enhances credibility with employers and clients

Provides recognition as a qualified service management professional

Increases chances for higher salary and remuneration

Improves job security and employability prospects

Boosts confidence and self-assurance in service management

Enables career growth in the service management field



There is no such recommended experience required for getting this certification. Although your ITSM basics should be clear



Multiple-choice exam of 40 marks.
You need to acquire 26+ marks to clear the exam.
If you fail, free re-examination attempt with 30 days from the date of 1st exam attempt.


Sample Certificate



  • 1.Introduction to ISO 20000 Information Technology Service Management (ITSM):
    • Introduction to ITSM: Business Justification and initial design
    • ITSM Scope: Defining the boundaries of ITSM
    • Benefits and Significance of ITSM
    • ITSM Policy: Establishing guidelines for ITSM
    • Process and Procedure Documentation for ITSM
    • Defining Management Systems and Process Approach
    • Principles of Information Technology in ITSM
    • Preliminary Analysis and Assessing Current IT Level
    • Developing a Project Plan for ITSM
    • IT Service Accounting: Managing Finances and Budgeting
  • 2. Overview and Context of ISO/IEC 20000:
    • Understanding ISO/IEC 20000: Definition and Purpose
    • Advantages of Implementing ISO/IEC 20000
    • Breakdown of ISO/IEC 20000 Parts
    • ISO/IEC 20000:2018: An Overview
    • Key Contrasts between ISO 20000 and ITIL®
    • ITIL® Life Cycles in Relation to ISO/IEC 20000
    • Clauses of ISO/IEC 20000:2018
  • 3.Service Management System (SMS) Description:
    • Responsibilities of Management within the SMS
    • Oversight of Processes Managed by External Parties
    • Administration of Documents in the SMS
    • Establishment and Enhancement of the SMS
    • Management of Resources within the SMS
  • 4.Overview of Auditing:
    • Explanation of Auditing and its Purpose
    • Various Types of Audits
      • Internal Audits
      • External Audits
    • Terminology Used in Auditing
    • Advantages of Conducting Audits
  • 5.Roles and Principles in Auditing:
    • Auditor and Auditee Roles
    • Team Composition for Audits
    • Guides and Observers in the Auditing Process
    • Responsibilities of a Lead Auditor
    • Management of Audits
    • Ensuring Confidentiality in Auditing
    • Independence of Auditors
    • Adopting an Evidence-Based Approach
    • Upholding Integrity in Auditing
    • Delivering Fair Audit Reports
  • 6.Auditor Responsibilities :
    • Personnel Management by the Auditor
    • Preparation of Audit Checklists
    • Defining the Scope of Work
    • Administration of Audit Programs
    • Effective Communication across Organizational Levels
    • Skills and Competencies Required for Internal Auditors
  • 7.Objectives of Internal Auditing:
    • Identification
    • Safeguarding
    • Proactive measures
  • 8. Audit Procedures:
    • Commence the report initiation process
    • Organize and plan activities
    • Develop audit plans
    • Assign tasks to the audit team
    • Prepare necessary documents
    • Conduct an open meeting
    • Prepare and distribute audit reports
    • Finalize the audit process
    • Perform follow-up activities
    • Utilize the audit triangle concept
    • Implement audit templates and work documents
  • 9. Comprehensive Service Management:
    • Management of Service Levels
    • Overall Requirements
    • Cataloging of Services
    • Agreements on Service Levels
    • Supplementary Agreements
    • Service Processes
  • 10. Scope:
    • Defining the Scope
    • Considering Scope Parameters
    • Formulating the Scope Statement
    • Reaching Scope Consensus
  • 11. Launch and Implementation:
    • Configuration and Release Management
    • Change Management
    • Capacity and Availability Management
    • Service Continuity Management
  • 12. Information Security Administration:
    • Implementation of IT Security Policies
    • Assessment of Security Risks
    • Implementation of Controls
    • Management of Documents and Records
    • Operational Management
  • 13. Implementation Guidance and Categories:
    • Process for Service Delivery
    • Process for Resolution
    • Process for Relationship Management
    • Process for Control
  • 14. Control, Monitoring, and Measurement
    • Process Monitoring
    • Internal Audit Function
    • Metrics Development
    • Performance Indicators and Dashboards
    • Review Management
    • Continual Improvement Program Implementation
    • Audit Preparation
    • Contractual Dispute Management


Jane Kim

Designation -  IT Project Manager

I recently took the GSDC Certified ISO 20000:2018 Lead Implementer exam and passed on my first attempt. This certification has been instrumental in opening doors for me, as it has given me the skills and confidence to take on new IT service management projects at work.

Peter Wong

Designation - IT Operations Manager

After passing the GSDC Certified ISO 20000:2018 Lead Implementer exam, I am now able to apply the latest IT service management practices in my organization. This has been crucial in helping us streamline our IT processes and ultimately improve our services to our clients. I would highly recommend this certification to anyone looking to upskill their IT knowledge. 

Emily Chen

Designation - IT Service Desk Analyst

The GSDC Certified ISO 20000:2018 Lead Implementer exam has helped me sharpen my IT service management skills and understand how to apply them to real-world scenarios. This certification has been a great asset to me in my current role and has set me apart from my peers. I am grateful for the opportunity to take this exam and would recommend it to anyone looking to advance their IT career.


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