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As an Emerald Author with the Global Skills Development Council, your brilliant ideas, transformative stories, and impactful perspectives can inspire change across 195 countries. By publishing 10 compelling articles, you’ll gain distinction as an author - your story and photo will be featured on our website for the world to recognize your talent. This program opens doors, amplifying voices to spread inspiration while forging partnerships that create life-changing opportunities.

Who should write for us?

We welcome all passionate writers across backgrounds and fields who are ready to engage readers worldwide.

Industry Experts

Share your insights and expertise with an influential global audience

Aspiring Writers

Build your portfolio and credibility as a thought leader


Inspire action and drive social impact worldwide

Students & Academics

Impactful research advancing global dialogue and action


Showcase thought leadership to grow your personal brand

Underrepresented Voices

Find the global stage to tell your story

Why write for the GSDC?

Inspire Worldwide Impact:

Share ideas to incite global action and change.

Gain Invaluable Exposure:

Get published to build your portfolio and reach key audiences.

Grow Your Influence and Opportunities:

Establish your voice to expand your brand and opportunities.

We're searching for distinct voices like yours to empower - from industry experts with insights to share, students using writing to drive change, and inspiring members of every community.

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An Emerald Author's Commitment:

1. As an Emerald Author, you make a powerful commitment to use your voice to inspire change.

2. Your words spark global conversations and shape perspectives. This is a sacred responsibility embraced with passion and integrity.

3. You dedicate yourself to crafting narratives that transcend borders, shining a light on universal experiences.

4. Your ideas become catalysts, igniting imagination and empowering readers. With each article, you leave an indelible mark, joining authors whose stories uplift humanity. Embrace this journey, for your commitment echoes through the ages, leaving a trail of wisdom.