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About blockchain certification 

The GSDC Certified Blockchain Professional Program (CBP) is a highly esteemed certification offered by the Global Skill Development Council. It is designed to assess practical expertise in blockchain technology through rigorous examinations. Covering essential topics such as blockchain fundamentals, applications, security, and regulations, the Blockchain Certification serves as a recognition of individuals' credibility and proficiency in the field.

With the Blockchain professional certification, individuals open doors to diverse career opportunities in the blockchain industry. They can contribute to blockchain implementation projects, offer consulting services, or even venture into entrepreneurial endeavors. 


The Blockchain certification empowers professionals to make significant contributions in the ever-evolving world of blockchain technology.

 The Blockchain Certification provides the professionals with an ability to learn and demonstrate competency through:

  • Identifying opportunities for transformation/disruption via Blockchain including emerging opportunities in Cryptocurrencies, ICOs, and DAOs.
  • Develop enterprise-focused use-case and determine Blockchain governance, business model, customer experience, partner/channel impacts.
  • Develop the Blockchain Lean Canvas and Blockchain business case for the Proof-of-Concept/MVP development.

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Objectives of certified blockchain professional

The high-level learning objectives of the Certified Blockchain Professional are as below:

  1. Demonstrate practical expertise and knowledge in blockchain technology through validation.
  2. Evaluate candidates' comprehension of blockchain fundamentals, applications, security, and regulatory considerations.
  3. Master secure and scalable blockchain solutions across industries.
  4. Drive innovation with blockchain for disruptive business models.
  5. Navigate the regulatory landscape and mitigate blockchain risks.
  6. Join a global community of certified blockchain experts.
  7. Establish professionals as reputable experts within the field of blockchain.
  8. Enhance career prospects and distinguish individuals in a competitive job market.
  9. Enable professionals to pursue diverse opportunities in the blockchain industry, such as implementation projects, consulting services, and entrepreneurship.
  10. Showcase a dedication to ongoing professional development and staying current with the latest advancements in blockchain technology.


Expert Curated E-Learning

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Certify your achievement with a globally valid certification.


Exam Syllabus of blockchain certified

  • 1. Understanding Blockchain?
    • Overview of the Technology
    • The Evolution and Background of Blockchain
    • Exploring the Relationship Between Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin) and Blockchain
  • 2. Non-Technical Overview of Blockchain Technology:
    • Cryptography for Executives: Introduction to Cryptographic Principles
    • Key Concepts: Fundamental Building Blocks
    • Public Ledgers: Transparent and Accountable Records
    • Hashes and Block Hashes: Ensuring Data Integrity
    • Distributed and Peer-to-Peer Technologies: Collaborative Networks
    • Digital Tokens: Exploring Tokenization
    • Smart Contracts: Automated Transactions
    • Bitcoin Mining: Network Security
    • Authorization and Authentication: Identity Verification
    • Security: Safeguarding Blockchain Systems
  • 3. Understanding the Benefits of Blockchain:
    • Debunking Myths and Highlighting Facts about Blockchain Benefits
    • The Value Proposition of Blockchain Technology
    • Exploring the Role and Value of Digital Tokens in Blockchain
    • Addressing Common Misconceptions about Blockchain
    • Recognizing the Limitations of Blockchain
  • 4. Blockchain Use Cases:
    • Determining the Appropriate Context for Blockchain Implementation
    • Exploring the Applications of Digital Wallets and Payment Systems
    • Facilitating Secure and Efficient Money Transfers
    • Enhancing Transaction Tracking and Management
    • Improving Record-Keeping Processes
    • Streamlining Asset Management
    • Enabling Efficient Financial Settlements
    • Supporting Securities Transactions
    • Automating Contracts and Agreement Execution
  • 5. Adoption of Blockchain in Industries:
    • Who is using it and for what?
    • Applications and Implementations across Various Sectors
    • Financial Services: Banking, Securities & Trading
    • Real Estate: Revolutionizing Property Transactions
    • Education: Enhancing Credential Verification
    • Technology: Driving Innovation and Efficiency
    • Legal: Transforming Contract Management
    • Insurance: Streamlining Claims Processing
    • Healthcare: Improving Data Security and Interoperability
    • Supply Chain: Ensuring Transparency and Traceability
    • Manufacturing: Enhancing Supply Chain Management
    • Retail: Enabling Secure and Efficient Transactions
    • Government: Enhancing Public Services and Governance
    • Process: Defining Requirements and Business Use Cases
    • Development: Creating Proof of Concepts
    • Infrastructure: Implementing Tools and Technology
    • Deployment: Strategizing Rollout Approaches
    • Tools & Technology Infrastructure
  • 6. The Future of Blockchain
    • What is its future?
    • Industry by Industry Outlook

Target Audience of blockchain certification

Product managers, ICT Professionals, Monetary Authority Professionals.
Operations and technology specialists
Banking professionals, Financial Analysts
Database Administrators, Entrepreneur

Blockchain Engineers, End Users.

Aspirants aiming for a career in the prospective field

Business Owners, Technologists


Benefits Blockchain Certification 

Attain recognition as a certified expert in blockchain technology.

Validate and enhance credibility in the field of blockchain.

Unlock increased career opportunities within the blockchain industry.

Obtain a distinct advantage in the employment industry.

Demonstrate proficiency in blockchain fundamentals, applications, security, and regulations.

Access a valuable network of professionals and organizations in the field.

Foster continuous professional development and stay abreast of advancements.

Explore avenues for blockchain implementation, consulting, and entrepreneurship.

Showcase a commitment to ongoing professional growth.

Earn recognition and respect from employers, clients, and peers.



There is no such recommended experience required for getting this certification.


Examination of blockchain certification

There will be Multiple Choice Questions exam of 40 marks.
You need to acquire 26+ marks to clear the exam.
If you fail, you can retake the exam after one day.
In case Participant does not score passing percentage then they will be granted a 2nd attempt at no additional cost. Re-examination can be taken up to 30 days from the date of the 1st exam attempt.


Sample Certificate



Dany Johns

Designation - Blockchain Developer

The GSDC Certified Blockchain Professional Program was a blessing for me. After earning the certification, I was able to land a job as a blockchain developer at a tech company i had an eye on. The certification proved to be a valuable asset in helping me stand out from other candidates and demonstrated my expertise in blockchain technology.

Raymond Fritz

Designation -Blockchain Specialist

I was already working in the blockchain industry but wanted to take my skills to the next level. The GSDC Certified Blockchain Professional Program helped me do just that. The certification program was rigorous but rewarding, and it gave me the confidence I needed to advance my career as a blockchain architect. 

Ryan Steklin

Designation -Blockchain Developer

Before I earned my GSDC Certified Blockchain Professional certification, I was struggling to land a job in the tech industry. But after completing the program and adding the certification to my resume, I received multiple job offers and was able to choose the job that was the best fit for me. The certification program gave me the knowledge and skills I needed to succeed and opened up new career opportunities for me.


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