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GSDC's (Site Reliability Engineer) SRE Foundation Certification is a roadmap to the principles & practices that allows an organization to reliably and economically scale critical services. The content of this Site Reliability Engineering certification revolves around the evolution of SRE and its future direction and empowers the participants with the practices, methods, and tools to occupy teams across the organization involved in site reliability and site stability indicated through the use of real-life examples and case studies.

After the completion of this SRE certification, participants will have tangible takeaways to leverage when back in the office such as understanding, setting, and tracking Service Level Objectives (SLO's).

The SRE Foundation certification is curated with the fundamentals of key SRE sources, engaging with thought-leaders in the SRE space, and working with organizations embracing SRE to extract real-life best practices and aims towards spreading knowledge about the key principles & practices necessary for starting SRE adoption

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Session Mode

Live Group Session with SRE Course Advisors


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The high-level learning objectives of the Certified SRE Foundation course are as below:

  • The history of SRE and its emergence at Google
  • The inter-relationship of SRE with DevOps and other popular frameworks
  • The underlying principles behind SRE
  • Service Level Objectives (SLO's) and their user focus
  • Service Level Indicators (SLI's) and the modern monitoring landscape
  • Error budgets and the associated error budget policies
  • Toil and its effect on an organization's productivity
  • Some practical steps that can help to eliminate toil
  • Observability is something to indicate the health of a service
  • SRE tools, automation techniques, and the importance of security
  • Anti-fragility, our approach to failure and failure testing
  • The organizational impact that introducing SRE brings
  • Assessment of SRE for your organizations
  • Establishing SRE capability in organizations
  • Empowering Enterprise Digital Reinvention Journey with SRE
  • Gamification Strategy for Enterprises to enable mindset shift for SRE
  • Release Engineering in SRE
  • The Value of Automation in SRE
  • SRE evolution in the cloud world
  • System of Record in SRE

6+ Hours of expert created video tutorials

8+ hours of industry expert talk series.

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16 Hours of expert created video tutorials

17+ hours of industry expert talk series.

Certify your achievement

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Exam Syllabus

  • SRE Overview
    • Introduction
    • The Production Environment From the Viewpoint of an SRE
      • Exercise: Mapping Your Production Environment
  • Principles of SRE
    • Embracing Risk
      • Managing Risk
      • Measuring Service Risk
      • Risk Tolerance of Services
      • Motivation for Error Budgets
    • Service-Level Objectives
      • Service Level Terminology
      • Indicators in Practice
      • Objectives in Practice
      • Agreements in Practice
    • Eliminating Toil
    • Monitoring Distributed Systems
      • Why Monitor?
      • The Four Golden Signals
      • Worrying About Your Tail
      • Choosing an Appropriate Resolution for Measurements
      • As Simple as Possible, No Simpler
      • Tying These Principles Together
      • Monitoring for the Long Term
    • The Evolution of Automation
      • The Value of Automation
      • The Value for SRE
      • Use Cases for Automation
      • Automate Yourself Out of a Job
      • Soothing the Pain: Applying Automation to Cluster Turnups
      • Borg: Birth of the Warehouse-Scale Computer
      • Reliability is the Fundamental Feature
    • Release Engineering
      • The Role of a Release Engineer
      • Philosophy
      • Continuous Build and Deployment
      • Configuration Management
    • Simplicity
      • System Stability Versus Agility
      • The Virtue of Boring
      • I Won't Give Up My Code!
      • The "Negative Lines of Code" Metric
      • Minimal APIs
      • Modularity
      • Release Simplicity
  • Practices of SRE
    • Practical Alerting
    • Being On-Call
    • Effective Troubleshooting
    • Emergency Response
    • Managing Incidents
    • Postmortem Culture: Learning from Failure
    • Tracking Outages
    • Testing for Reliability
    • Software Engineering in SRE
    • Load Balancing at the Front End
    • Load Balancing in the Datacenter
    • Handling Overload
    • Addressing Cascading Failures
    • Managing Critical State: Distributed Consensus for Reliability
    • Distributed Periodic Scheduling with Cron
    • Data Processing Pipelines
    • Data Integrity: What You Read Is What You Wrote
    • Reliable Product Launches at Scale
  • Management in SRE
    • Accelerating SREs to On-Call and Beyond
    • Dealing with Interrupts
    • Embedding an SRE to Recover from Operational Overload
    • Communication and Collaboration in SRE
    • The Evolving SRE Engagement Model

Meet our Advisor

Daniel Oh
Principal Technical Marketing Manager
Nadeem Augustine
Head of DevOps/Release Management
Kailashpathi C Gujari
Senior Cloud Solution Architect

Target Audiences For SRE Foundation Certification:

SRE Foundation Certification

Anyone starting or leading a move towards increased reliability

Anyone interested in modern IT leadership and organizational change approaches

Business Managers

Business Stakeholders

IT Team Leaders

System Integrators

Change Agents


DevOps Practitioners

IT Directors, IT Managers

Tool Providers

Product Owners

Scrum Masters

Software Engineers

Site Reliability Engineers



After the completion of this Site Reliability Engineer certification, participants will be able to:


Communicate with other engineers, product owners, and customers and come up with targets and measures.


Introduce error budgets in order to measure risk, balance availability, and feature development.


Automate tasks that require a human operator to work manually.


Understand the systems and their connectivity.


Discover the problems early to reduce the cost of failure.




There are no such prerequisites for this SRE Foundation Certification. But IT experience and working knowledge in the DevOps field are recommended.


If you are looking for an advanced level then you can go for GSDC SRE Practitioner Certification.



Ensure you have filled in the right information while registering on GSDC.
This exam consists of 40 multiple-choice questions.
Candidates need to score a minimum of 65% of the total marks (i.e. 26 out of 40) to pass this examination.
The total duration of this examination is 90 minutes.
Candidates should Tick against only one correct answer in Multiple Choice Questions.
In case the participant does not score passing % then they will be granted a 2nd attempt at no additional cost. Re-examination can be taken up to 30 days from the date of the 1st exam attempt.


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