What is GSDCouncil certification?

  • GSDCouncil certification is awarded after an individual goes through a credentialing or a certification process, which includes meeting the basic education and work-experience norms of the certification or credentialing body, and then passing the certification exam.
  • It is a formal recognition by a 3rd party that an individual possesses a critical baseline level of knowledge, skills and comprehension as prescribed in the body of knowledge of a profession, and hence she is fit for practicing the profession at an accepted level of consistent excellence.

Participant have attended a training program in Blockchain with a famous training company in their own city and the training company has given me a training completion certificate. Do I still need to acquire a GSDCouncil certification to improve my employability?

  • Yes, you are strongly advised to do GSDCouncil Certification.
  • There is a difference between a certificate you get after attending a training program and a Certification you obtain after writing and passing a rigorous standardized exam of a certification body that has NOT trained you. Such an exam is seen to be unbiased and hence more reliable.
  • A certificate given by a globally or nationally renowned Training organization or a business school has a decent employability value because it shows you have received high-quality training in your area and hence must have gained something.

Does a certification once acquired, stay active for life?

Yes GSDCouncil Certification has unlimited life.

What is GSDCouncil Digital Badging?

Digital badges are an assessment and credentialing mechanism that is housed and managed online and could appear as icons on a web page, social media platform, or other online venues. It is awarded by GSDCouncil, signifying accomplishment.

Why GSDCouncil certifications?

  • GSDC is the world's recognized standards body in Blockchain dedicated to the establishment and advancement of Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrency Investment Management science, art, processes and systems. These Certifications are based on the industry-neutral 3rd party standards on Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrency Investment Management professional competence.
  • GSDC Certification is recognized with the world's most respected organizations and institutions.

How do I apply for the certification?

Please refer Buy Your Exam for candidate registration process.

Will I receive the reference study material?

GSDC is making several high-quality videos and reference resources available in digital formats for a wide variety of Blockchain Technology. These resources will be accessible once candidate completes registration process for specific certification

What is validity of Reference Study Video Materials?

Reference study video materials have validity of 90 days.

How long does it take to issue certificate results?

The results can be seen immediately after a candidate successfully completes and submits the online test. Successful candidates will receive a soft copy of certificate within 2 business days.

How can I take GSDC certification exam? Can I take using my own system?

You can now take your GSDC exams in the convenience of your personal spaces – like your home or your office – after getting your computer machine and exam room verified for exam readiness

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