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The GSDC CHRO certification exam evaluates strategic leadership capabilities for high-level human resources professionals.This credential distinguishes certified human resource officers equipped to drive organizational success as dynamic CHROs.

Earning the GSDC CHRO certification validates extensive expertise in talent management, culture building, change leadership, and other areas that empower CHROs to shape world-class people operations.The exam tests knowledge and skills ranging from C-suite collaboration, data-based insights, and upskilling initiatives to succession planning, compensation strategy, and beyond. Certified candidates gain recognition as strategic, forward-thinking leaders in HR with the vision and capabilities to guide entire organizations.

GSDC offers the only CHRO certification programs focused exclusively on the chief human resource officer role. This gold standard in CHRO certification elevates professionals qualified to oversee all HR functions at the executive level.Add GSDC's accredited CHRO certification to your credentials today to amplify your impact as a certified human resource officer driving organizational success.



Application & Payment

After fulfilling the CHRO prerequisites, you can apply for certification by emailing Once approved, pay the $950 USD fee. You will then receive confirmation to proceed.

Analysis of expert series

Analyze provided CHRO learning resources and expert talks. Study the materials and submit a report assessing quality and providing feedback.

Research Paper Drafting

Draft a thoroughly researched paper on a strategic HR topic, following the provided guidelines. Paper drafting details will be emailed post-registration.


Deliver a 30-minute presentation on a strategic HR topic of your choice, aimed at delivering maximum value to the audience.

Scenario-Based Assessment

The final assessment presents real-world CHRO scenarios in MCQ format to evaluate the understanding gained from the certification.


Candidates must fully attend and complete Certification Modules.
A minimum of 10 years of relevant HR leadership experience is required.
Submit an updated CV detailing your professional background. Provide an endorsement letter from your current employer.
Demonstrate excellent research capabilities and dedication to HR excellence. We seek candidates devoted to reaching the highest standards in strategic human capital management.
Certification badge for L and D

Benefits of being CHRO Certified

Accelerated Career Growth: Certified CHROs unlock their full leadership potential, accelerating their career journey with new high-impact opportunities.

Maximized Leadership Influence:The certification equips CHROs to drive strategic transformation as key C-suite partners, maximizing leadership influence across the organization.

Mastery of Critical Capabilities: Certified CHROs gain mastery of the critical competencies required for success from talent insight to culture shaping and beyond.

Elevated Organizational Performance: Certified CHROs gain the strategic vision to build world-class HR programs that elevate performance across metrics.

Stronger Executive Presence: The certification builds gravitas and credibility, strengthening executive presence to lead with conviction from the boardroom to the front lines.



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Nathan Davis

Designation - SPHR

As a senior HR manager, I found the CHRO certification to thoroughly cover critical areas like succession planning and talent development strategy. The exam perfectly balances practical concepts with new research.

Michael Wily

Designation - HRDP

The CHRO certification exam was the perfect way to refresh my knowledge as a long-time HR director. I appreciated how it focuses on the evolving challenges facing today's chief human resources officers instead of just textbook definitions.

Jessica Nikes

Designation - Director of HR

I have over a decade of human resources experience, but wanted to strengthen my understanding of the CHRO role. This certification gave me new insights into driving business partnerships and workforce planning without getting lost in the weeds.


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