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Certified Agile Tester – Foundation Level (CATF)


GSDC's Certified Agile Tester Foundation (CATF) certification enables it to move from traditional testing methods and testing project management methods. As you already know Agile methodology is really giving positive outcomes to many organizations with an increase in a team response to incidents with more effectiveness.
GSDC's Certified Agile Tester Foundation (CATF) certified individuals have the knowledge and understanding of the Scrum Framework required to allow them to successfully fill the Scrum Master role in Scrum teams along with Agile Knowledge.

The role of the GSDC's Certified Agile Tester Foundation (CATF) in a software company is changing. Achiever this certification will be responsible for an increase in hyper-productive rather than just achieving results.

CATF Certification Badge


The objective of Agile Tester Foundation certification includes a deep understanding of:

  1. Agile testing Environments and best practices.
  2. Knowledge of Agile testing techniques.
  3. Compatibility with Agile Testing.
  4. Continuous integration Variation management.
  5. Test driven development
  6. Tools and frameworks.


Agile Tester Foundation Certification

Software Developers

Agile Architects

Solution Architects

Software Tester

Software Engineers

Web Developers

IT Managers

Software Consultants

DevOps Practitioners

IT Directors

Tool Providers

Product Owners


CATF Certification BENEFITS

After the completion of this Agile Tester Foundation Certification, participants will be able to:

Communicate with other team members, product owners, and customers effectively.

Reduce costs and help your organizations to achieve their goals.

Gain confidence over High Speed – Quick testing.

Reduce errors and increase reliability.

Discover the problems early to reduce the cost of failure.



There are no such prerequisites for this Agile Tester Foundation Certification. But Agile Environment experience and working knowledge in scrum tester are recommended.

If you are looking for an advanced level then you can go for GSDC Agile Tester Advanced Certification.

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Ensure you have filled in the right information while registering on GSDC.
This exam consists of 40 multiple-choice questions.
Candidates need to score a minimum of 65% of the total marks (i.e. 26 out of 40) to pass this examination.
The total duration of this examination is 90 minutes.
Candidates should Tick against only one correct answer in Multiple Choice Questions.
In case the participant does not score passing % then they will be granted two more attempts at no additional cost. Re-examination can be taken up to 30 days from the date of the 1st exam attempt.


Sample Certificate



1. Agile Methods & Processes

  • Daily SCRUM
  • Traditional testing problems
  • Principles of Agile & Manifesto
  • Agile methods
  • Agile process types
  • Roles
  • Testing to support customers
  • Testing to support developers
  • Testing to support stakeholders
  • Test matrix

2. Planning

  • Requirements and specifications
  • Release planning
  • Taskboard
  • Testing  strategy
  • Estimation & Planning
  • Iteration planning
  • Burndown charts
  • Constraints
  • Sizing stories
  • Backlog grooming
  • Sprint backlog
  • Basis for testing
  • Testing activities in the sprint

    3. Testing

    • Continuous integration
    • Variation management
    • Pairing
    • Acceptance criteria
    • Regression testing
    • Defect management
    • Test-Driven Development
    • Acceptance TestThe Test Pyramid
    • TesterScripting
    • Exploratory testing
    • Non-functional testing
    • Post-development testing
    • Release testing
    • User acceptance testing

    4. Teams

    • Test automation
    • Nonfunctional testing
    • Debt technical and testing
    • Test-driven development
    • Teams
    • Agile for large projects
    • Measuring progress
    • Test documentation
    • Test environments
    • Bug management
    • Agile test automation


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