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Certified prompt engineering 

ABOUT prompt engineering certification

Elevate your professional trajectory in the world of technology and AI with the esteemed GSDC Certified Prompt Engineer Certification Program.

Experience the exponential power of prompt engineering and redefine your proficiency with large language models. 

By acquiring this prompt engineering certification you open the gates to infinite career opportunities and contribute to shaping the future of AI with your expertise.

Stand out as a leader, demonstrate your prowess, and mark your achievements in this groundbreaking field.

Embark on your journey to become a Certified Prompt Engineer today and unlock the doors to exceptional career advancement and success.

This prompt certification can validate your skills and make you resourceful when you are finding job opportunities or want to lead in projects in your existing organizations.

Enroll now and join the ranks of esteemed professionals driving innovation and excellence in prompt engineering.

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objectives Of prompt engineering certification

1. Confirm your mastery of prompt engineering principles.
2. Showcase your ability to create accurate prompts.
3. Implement relevant responses in prompt engineering.
4. Embrace advanced techniques in prompt engineering.
5. Challenge traditional approaches in prompt engineering.
6. Open doors to endless career possibilities as a Certified Prompt Engineer.
7. Shape the future of AI technology by contributing to its development.
8. Stand out as a leader in the field of prompt engineering.
9. Foster innovation and excellence in the industry.
10. Enhance your expertise in prompt engineering methodologies.


TARGET AUDIENCES For Certified prompt engineering

AI-focused software engineers and developers.

Experts in Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Practitioners of data science and machine learning

Managers and leads overseeing AI products

Consultants and architects specializing in AI solutions

Content creators and technical writers in AI

Researchers and academics in the AI field

Project managers and team leaders in AI.

Professionals engaged in chatbot and virtual assistant development

Data analysts & engineers in the AI domain



5+ Hrs of Elearning

5+ Hours of expert-created videos 

Practice Exams

Mocks curated by SME's will help you to pass final certification exam.


Certify your achievement with a globally valid certification.


BENEFITS Of prompt certification

Open doors to exciting AI career opportunities.

Boost professional growth in the AI industry.

Gain credibility as a skilled prompt engineer.

Increase earning potential in AI roles.

Expand your professional network in the field.

Lead innovation in prompt engineering practices.

Stand out with recognized expertise in AI.

Develop practical skills for real-world applications.

Specialize in high-demand prompt engineering roles.

Establish yourself as a trusted AI professional.



PRE-REQUISITES For Prompt Engineer Certification

There are no specific prerequisites for the GSDC Prompt Engineering certification. However, it is recommended that candidates have prior experience or knowledge of engineering principles and practices to maximize their chances of success in the certification exam.


EXAMINATION of Prompt Certification

60-minutes exam.
40-multiple choice questions (MCQ).
26 out of 40-65% is needed to pass.
In case the participant does not score the passing percentage, they will be granted a 2nd attempt at no additional cost. Re-examination can be taken up to 30 days from the date of the 1st exam attempt.



EXAM SYLLABUS OF Prompt Engineering Certification

  • 1. Introduction to Prompt Engineering:
    • Evolution and Applications of Prompt Engineering
    • Importance of Prompt Design
    • Ethical Considerations in Prompt Engineering
  • 2. Understanding Language Models:
    • Language Model Architecture
    • Training Methods
    • Language Model Evaluation
    • Challenges and Limitations
  • 3. GPT and Similar Models:
    • GPT Architecture
    • GPT Training Process
    • Variants of GPT
    • Transfer Learning with GPT
  • 4. Prompt Design:
    • Query Formulation Techniques
    • Handling Constraints
    • Addressing Biases
    • Interpreting Model Output
  • 5. Prompt Engineering Strategies:
    • Debiasing Techniques
    • Context Manipulation
    • Controlled Generation
    • Iterative Optimization
  • 6. Pillars of Prompting:
    • Providing Examples
    • Giving Direction
    • Formatting Responses
    • Evaluating Quality
    • Chaining AIs
  • 7. ChatGPT Introduction:
    • ChatGPT Introduction and Prompting ChatGPT
    • ChatGPT Capabilities and Limitations
    • ChatGPT Plugins
  • 8. GitHub Copilot Introduction:
    • What is GitHub Copilot? – Coding
    • How to Install?
    • Prompting GitHub Copilot – Coding
    • GitHub Copilot Capabilities and Limitations - Coding
  • 9. GPT3 Introduction:
    • Introduction
    • Prompting GPT-3
    • GPT-3 Capabilities and Limitations
  • 10. Prompt Engineering Models:
    • Google Bard Introduction
    • Meta LLaMA Introduction
    • Anthropic Claude Introduction
    • Microsoft 'New' Bing Introduction
    • Tencent ARC Introduction
    • Google Vision Introduction
    • OpenAI Whisper Introduction
    • Falcon Introduction
  • 11. How Does AI Work?:
    • Tokens.
    • Log Probabilities
    • AI Hallucinations
  • 12. Standard Text Model Practices:
    • List Generation
    • Sentiment Analysis
    • Explain It Like I'm Five
    • Least to Most
    • Writing Clear Instructions - Detailed Instructions
    • Writing Clear Instructions - Specifying the Steps
    • Writing Clear Instructions - Delimiters
    • Writing Clear Instructions - Specifying Length
    • Let's Think Step by Step
    • Role Prompting
    • Ask for Context
    • Question Rewriting
    • Preview
    • Overcoming the Token Limit in ChatGPT
  • 13. Advanced Text Model Techniques:
    • Meta Prompting.
    • Chain of Thought Reasoning
    • Advanced List Generation
    • Advanced List Generation YML - Coding
    • Advanced List Generation - Exporting JSON - Coding
    • Preview
    • Overcoming Token Limit - ChatGPT Chunking - Coding
    • Vector Databases - Coding
    • Reason and Act (ReAct) - Coding
    • Recursive Re-prompting and Revision - Coding
    • Information Retrieval with Vector Databases
  • 14. Applications of Prompt Engineering:
    • Chatbots.
    • Language Generation
    • Content Creation
    • Virtual Assistants


Sarah Liams

Designation -   IT Project Manager

I recently took the GSDC Prompt Engineering certification exam, and I must say, it was a refreshing experience. The exam challenged my knowledge and skills in a way that I hadn't encountered before. The precise and focused nature of the questions helped me assess my understanding of the subject matter effectively. I'm grateful for the opportunity to validate my expertise through this exam. It truly added value to my professional profile.

John Anderson

Designation - Software Engineer

The GSDC Prompt Engineering certification exam was a great way for me to demonstrate my competency in the field. The exam format was well-structured, providing clear and concise questions that allowed me to showcase my knowledge without unnecessary distractions. The experience was seamless, and the results were promptly delivered. I highly recommend this exam to anyone looking to solidify their expertise. 

Laura Tyler

Designation - Systems Analyst

I recently passed the GSDC Prompt Engineering certification exam, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. The exam was designed in such a way that it truly tested my practical understanding of the subject matter. The examiners' attention to detail and the relevance of the questions made it a valuable experience. I'm confident that this certification will open doors for my career growth.


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