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Certified Agile Project Management


Elevate your qualifications with the GSDC Certified Agile Project Manager (CAPM) certification.Whether you have experience working on agile projects as a Developer in a Scrum Team or have seen the transformative power of agile methodologies, this certification is your gateway to enhancing your skills in agile project management.

This APM Certification offers several advantages. It not only demonstrates your proficiency in Scrum but also showcases your expertise in various other agile frameworks and methodologies.Widely recognized globally, this certification is valid for life, eliminating the need for expensive and time-consuming re-certification processes.

With this agile project management certificate, you are attested to your knowledge of different agile methodologies, frameworks, and the essential interpersonal skills required in an agile environment. It validates your ability to work effectively in an agile manner while excelling in communication and collaboration. Moreover, prior experience is not a mandatory requirement for this certification.


OBJECTIVES Of Agile Project management Certification

  • Plan and execute projects with agility.
  • Enhance team collaboration and productivity.
  • Foster continuous improvement and innovation.
  • Manage project risks and uncertainties adeptly.
  • Measure and deliver value in projects.
  • Accelerate project delivery with Agile practices..
  • Prioritize and manage project backlogs effectively.
  • Embrace a customer-centric approach to projects.
  • Cultivate transparency and accountability in teams.


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Certify your achievement with a globally valid certification.



Project managers

Team leaders

Agile coaches

Scrum Masters


Business Analyst

Product Owners

QA Professionals

IT Executives, Managers

IT Professionals

Process Consultants

Process Trainers


BENEFITS Of Agile project management Certification

Stand out as a certified agile project manager.

Earn higher salaries and better compensation.

Secure leadership positions in agile project management.

Excel in various agile methodologies and practices.

Overcome complex project challenges with agility.

Ensure successful project outcomes and delivery.

Lead teams to achieve project excellence.

Embrace continuous learning and professional growth.

Stay updated with evolving project management trends..

Foster effective collaboration with diverse teams.

Contribute to organizational agility and competitiveness.


PRE-REQUISITES Of agile project management certificate

There are no specific prerequisites or prior qualifications required for individuals to take the foundation examination.


Examination Agile project management Certification

60-minutes exam.
40-multiple choice questions (MCQ).
26 out of 40-65% is needed to pass.
In case the participant does not score the passing percentage, they will be granted a 2nd attempt at no additional cost. Re-examination can be taken up to 30 days from the date of the 1st exam attempt.

Sample Certificate


EXAM SYLLABUS of Agile project management Certification

  • 1. Introduction To Agile Project Management
    • Understanding Projects and its characteristics
    • Six aspects/variables of Project performance
    • Predictive(Waterfall) v/s Empirical(Agile)
    • The Agile Manifesto
    • Principles behind the Agile Manifesto
    • The Agile Umbrella
    • Overview of Agile Project Management
    • Declaration of Independence
  • 2. Basic Agile Concepts
    • Timeboxing
    • Visioning / Project Kick-Off
    • Epic - Features - User Story
    • Minimum Viable Product
    • Frequent Releases
    • Cadence
    • Business Value
    • Backlog
    • Sprint / Iteration
  • 3. Overview Of Common Agile Frameworks
    • Scrum
    • The Scrum Framework
    • The Three Pillars of Scrum
    • Scrum Values
    • The Scrum Team
    • The Scrum Artifacts
    • The Scrum Events
    • Kanban
    • Six Foundational Principles of Kanban
    • Six Core Practices
    • The Kanban Board
    • Kanban Roles
    • The Cadences in Kanban
  • 4. The APM Framework
    • Introduction
    • Envision
    • Speculate
    • Explore
    • Adapt
    • Close
  • 5. Tailoring Agile Projects
    • Factors influencing tailoring
    • Shu-Ha-Ri
    • Agilometer


Lyla Nathaniel

Designation - Project Manager

I am extremely pleased with the GSDC Certified Agile Project Management certification. It has significantly boosted my career prospects and helped me secure a leadership role in an agile project. The certification process was straightforward, and the exam thoroughly tested my understanding of agile methodologies!

John Anderson

Designation - Scrum Master

The GSDC Certified Agile Project Management certification has been a level up for me. It has provided me with the recognition and credibility I needed to excel in my role as a Scrum Master. Thanks to GSDC, I have expanded my professional network and gained new career opportunities. I am grateful for this certification. 

 Emily Roberts

Designation -Product Owner

The GSDC Certified Agile Project Management certification has transformed my career. As a product owner, this certification has helped me gain a deeper understanding of agile practices and enhance my collaboration with development teams. The exam was testing both technical and soft skills. I am thrilled to have earned this certification, and it has opened doors to exciting job prospects in the agile world.


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