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As the workplace evolves, so does the job of the learning professional. The Chief Learning Officer (CLO) certificate was established to honor individuals who have excelled in leading enterprise-wide learning strategies and projects. This certification is intended for people who wish to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in learning and development.
The CLO certificate is the only one of its type for the learning profession and is internationally recognized. The CLO credential demonstrates that the holder has the knowledge, skills, and abilities to lead learning strategies and initiatives effectively. It is a mark of distinction that can help professionals stand out from their peers. The Chief Learning Officer is responsible for developing and overseeing all aspects of the company's learning and development initiatives.
This includes designing and implementing training programs, identifying training needs, and evaluating the effectiveness of training programs. They also have to work closely with other executive team members to ensure that the company's learning and development initiatives are aligned with its business goals and objectives.



Application & Payment

After you have fulfilled the CLO requirements you can apply to be a certified chief learning officer by applying at matthew.hale@gsdcouncil.org. Once your application is approved you have to pay the fee which would be around $1499 USD. After going through both of these processes, you will receive a confirmation to further proceed.

Analysis of expert series

We would give you some learning resources so that you can analyze that, study the material and give your report on it, which may include the quality of content, your feedback, and more.

Draft the research paper

Write a well-researched paper based on the topic relevant to the talk series. Follow our guidelines and check out how to draft the research paper in the template by clicking here.


After this, you have to deliver a session for 30 mins on the topic of your choice. We highly recommend making this session as valuable to your audience as possible.

Short assessment


 All participants must attend and complete all Modules 1, 2, 3 & 4.
 Experience 10+ years.
 The applicant must submit their CV.
 Endorsement letter from the company
 Should have excellent research skills.
 Dedication for excellence.
Certification badge for L and D

Benefits of being CLO Certified

Increased earnings potential: A certified chief learning officer typically earns more than those without certification, due to the increased responsibility and skills they bring to the organization.

Increased job satisfaction: A certified chief learning officer is able to take on more responsibility and autonomy in their role, which can lead to increased job satisfaction.

Improved organizational performance: A certified chief learning officer is able to improve organizational performance by developing and implementing strategies that promote learning and development within the organization.

Greater career opportunities: Certified chief learning officers often have greater career opportunities available to them, due to their specialized knowledge and skills.

Enhanced credibility: A certified chief learning officer is generally seen as more credible and knowledgeable about learning and development than those who are not certified. This can help to build trust and confidence within the organization.

Sample Certificate

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