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Certified ISO/IEC 19770-1 lead auditor


The GSDC Certified ISO 19770 Lead Auditor certification is ideal for professionals seeking expertise in auditing and compliance with the ISO/IEC 19770-1 standard. This certification validates your skills in evaluating and improving an organization's IT asset management system in accordance with ISO 19770-1 guidelines. 

As a GSDC certification,it demonstrates your proficiency as an ISO 19770-1 Lead Auditor without requiring additional courses. 

By obtaining this certification, you enhance your credibility and increase your knowledge in assessing IT asset management processes, enabling you to identify areas of improvement and ensure compliance. 

This certification serves as a valuable asset for professionals aiming to excel in IT asset management audits and contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of organizations' IT asset management systems.

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Objective Of ISO 19770 Lead Auditor Certification

1. Acquire the skills to effectively utilize audit checklists and perform internal audits.
2. Gain comprehensive knowledge of the ISO 19770-1:2017 requirements.
3. Develop a deep understanding of the concepts and practical application of ISO 19770-1:2017 Lead Auditor Training.
4. Identify the necessary documentation as per ISO 19770-1:2017 standards.
5. Familiarize yourself with the procedure and resource requirements involved.
6. Master the use of audit checklists and internal auditing.
7. Attain a thorough grasp of ISO 19770-1:2017 requirements..
8. Apply ISO 19770-1:2017 Lead Auditor Training effectively..
9. Explore diverse audit types and questioning techniques.
10. Comprehend the different types of audits and various questioning methods employed.

TARGET AUDIENCES For ISO 19770 Lead Auditor Certification

Project Manager 

Process Manager

Business Continuity Manager 

Security Manager

Project Engineers IT Manager

Procurement Manager

Financial Manager

 IT Operations Manager

 Contract Manager

Risk Manager



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BENEFITS Of Certified ISO 19770 Lead Auditor CERTIFICATION

Open doors to new job opportunities and promotions

Establish a reputable professional image and credibility

Develop a diverse and sought-after skill set

Accelerate career growth and advancement opportunities

Gain recognition as a certified ISO/IEC 19770-1 Lead Auditor

Become a trusted expert in IT asset management

Play a crucial role in ensuring compliance with ISO 19770-1 standards

Contribute to the improvement of organizational IT asset management systems


PRE-REQUISITES For ISO 19770 Lead Auditor Certification

Having studied the ISO 19770-1:2017 Standard and having knowledge of IT asset management systems


ISO 19770 Lead Auditor Certification EXAMINATION

60-minutes exam.
40-multiple choice questions (MCQ).
26 out of 40-65% is needed to pass.
In case the participant does not score the passing percentage, they will be granted a 2nd attempt at no additional cost. Re-examination can be taken up to 30 days from the date of the 1st exam attempt.




  • 1.Overview of the Standards and Certification:
    • The ISO 19770 standard is crucial in modern business.
    • The foundations of ISO 19770.
    • Making the ITAMS better.
    • The cycle of IT Asset Management.
    • Different IT Assets
    • Implementation, evaluation, and approval of ISO 19770.
  • 2.Requirements for ISO 19770-1:2017:
    • Synchronize the ISO 19770-1 standard.
    • An overview of ISO 19770-1.
    • Issues to be Determined by Considering.
    • System for managing IT assets.
    • Should take into account the increased complexity and control.
    • To enable a more seamless connection with other significant ISO standards.
  • 3.Records of Documented Information:
    • How ISO 19770 is put into practice.
    • ISO 19770 Guidelines.
    • Model ITAS Process.
    • A list of regularly updated information.
    • Control over Documented Data.
    • List of papers that must be kept.
  • 4.Risk Management:
    • The process of risk management may be found.
    • Locating, evaluating, and managing financial resources.
    • Risks to an organization's finances and security, both strategically and financially.
    • Recognizing hazards.
    • System for Classifying IT Assets.
    • Processes and frameworks can reduce risk.
  • 5.Terms,definitions,and responsibilities related to audits:
    • Audit trails of IT asset modifications and authorizations.
    • Lead auditor responsibilities and role.
    • Assurance Communication.
    • Essential Qualities of an Auditor.
    • License controls, under license controls, and over license controls.
    • Restrictions on the dissemination, replication, and modification of software.
    • Adherence to the terms and conditions of the license.
  • 6.Conducting an Audit:
    • Performing auditing tasks.
    • Social accountability audit overview.
    • Auditing Methods.
    • Methods for Conducting Audits.
    • Using a process approach while auditing.
    • Observations.
  • 7.Contradiction and Remedial Action:
    • Report non-conformities.
    • Objective Proof.
    • Report of Non-conformity (NCR).
    • Format of NCR.
    • Types of Non-Compliances.
    • Observations (Notes of Auditors).
    • Agreement on NCR between the auditor and the auditee.


Nathan Smith

Designation - IT Manager

The GSDC Certified ISO/IEC 19770 1 Lead Auditor exam was like a puzzle that tested my auditing skills. It was a challenge, but I enjoyed every moment of it. Passing the exam has been a highlight of my career, and I can't wait to see where this certification takes me.

Benda Nyles

Designation - Compliance Officer

The GSDC Certified ISO/IEC 19770 1 Lead Auditor certification was like a compass that guided me through the world of auditing. The exam was thorough, and it helped me realize my true potential. I am grateful for this certification and the opportunities it has brought me. 

Peter Chin

Designation - Security Analyst

Taking the GSDC Certified ISO/IEC 19770 1 Lead Auditor exam was like climbing a mountain - it was hard work, but the view from the top was breathtaking. The certification has given me a sense of pride and accomplishment, and it has helped me advance in my career. I highly recommend this certification to anyone who is up for a challenge.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How Do I Register?
    • Register Your Interest by clicking on this link: Register Now
  • 2. Who is the ideal audience for the ISO/IEC 19770-1 Lead Auditor Certification?
    • The ISO/IEC 19770-1 Lead Auditor Certification is ideal for individuals who have experience in IT asset management and wish to lead audits of IT asset management systems within organizations. This includes IT professionals, consultants, auditors, and managers who are involved in IT asset management.
  • 3. What is Certified ISO/IEC 19770 Lead Auditor and what are its benefits?
    • The Certified ISO/IEC 19770-1 Lead Auditor is an internationally recognized certification that demonstrates an individual's competence to lead IT asset management system audits. The benefits of the certification include enhanced credibility, professional development, career advancement, and the ability to add value to organizations through effective IT asset management practices. It also helps organizations comply with regulatory requirements and enhances the trust of stakeholders in their IT asset management processes.
  • 4. What are the job prospects for the 19770-1 Lead Auditor Certification?
    • The ISO 19770 Lead Auditor Certification can open up several job opportunities for individuals, including IT asset management consultants, auditors, managers, and IT asset management system implementation professionals. As organizations continue to focus on improving their IT asset management practices, the demand for professionals with this certification is expected to increase.
  • 5. What is the relevance of Certified ISO 19770 Lead Auditor in the Industry?
    • The Certified ISO 19770 Lead Auditor is relevant in the industry as it provides a framework for effective IT asset management practices. With the increasing reliance on technology and the need for organizations to manage their IT assets effectively, this certification helps organizations ensure that their IT asset management practices align with industry best practices and meet regulatory requirements.
  • 6. How long is ISO/IEC 19770-1 Lead Auditor Certification valid?
    • Unlike other certifications, GSDC certifications are valid for a lifetime, so you won't need to worry about renewing them or paying any renewal fees.
  • 7. What benefits does ISO 19770 Lead Auditor Certification provide to the organization?
    • The ISO/IEC 19770-1 Lead Auditor Certification provides several benefits to organizations, including enhanced credibility, improved IT asset management practices, compliance with regulatory requirements, and increased stakeholder trust. It also helps organizations identify opportunities for improvement in their IT asset management processes and implement best practices to achieve their strategic objectives.

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