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Certified Agile ITSM Manager (CAISM)


The GSDC Certified Agile ITSM Manager (CAISM) certification is a recognized credential that empowers professionals to excel in Agile IT Service Management. Through GSDC's rigorous examination process, this certification validates individuals' ability to seamlessly integrate Agile principles into ITSM practices, driving efficient service delivery and customer satisfaction.

By successfully completing the CAISM certification exam, candidates demonstrate their expertise in Agile methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban, as well as their proficiency in implementing ITSM best practices. This industry-recognized certification distinguishes professionals as skilled leaders capable of effectively managing Agile ITSM initiatives, positioning them for success in a rapidly evolving industry.

GSDC's certification-focused approach ensures that individuals can directly showcase their competence, giving them a competitive advantage in the job market.

With the Agile ITSM certification, professionals gain recognition as qualified experts who can optimize service delivery, enhance operational efficiency, and navigate the complexities of Agile IT Service Management.

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OBJECTIVES Of Agile ITSM Certification

Clear understanding of

  • Demonstrate expertise in Scrum, Kanban, and Agile ITSM
  • Apply ITSM best practices effectively in an Agile environment
  • Optimize service delivery and operational efficiency through Agile ITSM
  • Drive customer satisfaction using Agile practices in ITSM
  • Exhibit leadership in Agile ITSM initiatives
  • Stay updated with industry trends in Agile IT Service Management
  • Earn recognition as an Agile ITSM expert
  • Gain a competitive edge with Agile ITSM proficiency
  • Contribute to organizational success with Agile-ITSM fusion


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TARGET AUDIENCES Of Agile ITSM Certification

IT professionals

IT managers

Agile practitioners

IT governance professionals

Project managers

IT consultants

Career advancement seekers

Organizational adoption

Comprehensive understanding seekers

Bridging ITSM and Agile


BENEFITS Of Agile ITSM Certification

Demonstrated competency in implementing agile practices for efficient IT service management.

Adaptability to evolving industry trends and agile methodologies.

Improved project outcomes with streamlined processes and faster delivery.

Enhanced collaboration and teamwork skills in an agile environment.

Built credibility and trust as an agile ITSM professional.

Fostered a culture of continuous improvement in IT service management.

Demonstrated commitment to professional development and staying current with industry best practices.


PRE-REQUISITES For Agile ITSM Certification

IT Service Management or ITIL knowledge recommended.


Agile ITSM Certification EXAMINATION

60-minute exam.
40-multiple choice questions (MCQ).
26 out of 40-65% is needed to pass.
Incase Participant do not score passing % then they will be granted a 2nd attempt at no additional cost. Re-examination can be taken up-to 30 days from date of 1st exam attempt.

Sample Certificate



  • 1. Understanding the Significance of Agile:
    • Defining Agile: What does Agile mean?
    • Exploring the Benefits of Agile: Why is Agile important?
    • Agile Manifesto: Core values and principles
    • Key Principles of Agile: An overview of the fundamental principles driving Agile methodologies
  • 2. Recommended Approaches:
    • DevOps Implementation Strategies
    • Uninterrupted Integration
    • Uninterrupted Delivery
    • Uninterrupted Deployment
    • Ongoing Monitoring
    • Scrum Methodology
    • Kanban Method
    • Streamlined Processes
    • ITIL/ITSM Framework
  • 3. Fundamentals of Scrum:
    • Principles
    • Timeframes
    • Planning for Releases
    • Planning for Sprints
    • Daily Team Check-ins
    • Reviewing Sprints
    • Reflecting on Sprints
    • Preparation Criteria
    • Completion Criteria
    • Scrum Responsibilities
      • Product Owner
      • Scrum Facilitator
      • Collaborative Team
    • Scrum Elements
      • Product Requirements List
      • User Story Descriptions
      • Progress Update
      • Current Sprint Tasks
      • Progress Tracking Chart
      • Accomplishment Tracking Chart
  • 4. Combining ITSM and Agile:
    • Comprehending ITSM, Agile, and Scrum
    • Exploring the overarching relationship between these areas
    • Addressing obstacles
    • Harmonizing roles across these domains
  • 5. Illustrating the Advantages of Agile with Service Management:
    • Enhanced operational flow
    • Accelerated and amplified feedback cycle
    • Ongoing experimentation
  • 6. Agile Service Management (Agile SM):
    • Meaning and significance
    • Dual dimensions of Agile SM
  • 7.Designing Agile Processes:
    • Methodology
    • Traits of an Agile Process
    • Components of a process
    • The 10 stages of process design
    • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) / Potentially Shippable Product (PSP)
  • 8. Enhancing Agile Processes:
    • PDCA - Continuous Service Improvement (CSI) iterations
    • Process Backlog - CSI Register
    • Audits - Agile Process Improvement
  • 9. Events in Agile Service Management:
    • Process planning session
    • Sprint planning session
    • Criteria for Readiness (DOR) and Criteria for Completion (DOD)
    • Daily Scrum (within the context of Agile Service Management)
    • Sprint Review (within the context of Agile Service Management)
    • Sprint Retrospective (within the context of Agile Service Management)
  • 10. Artifacts of Agile Service Management include:
    • Backlog of Processes
    • Sprint Backlog within the Agile Service Management framework
    • User stories and ITSM processes
    • Increment of Processes
    • Burndown chart within the Agile Service Management context
    • Burnup chart within the Agile Service Management context


Michael Johnson

Designation - Agile ITSM consultant

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John Fleck

Designation -IT Service Manager

The GSDC Blockchain for Business Professionals certification impressed me with its challenging exam structure and comprehensive content. It covered all the necessary aspects of blockchain technology, and passing it gave me the confidence to pursue better job opportunities. Highly recommended. 

Jane Nips

Designation - Agile ITSM Manager

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