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About DevOps foundation Certification

The GSDC Certified DevOps Foundation certification provides validated proof of a solid understanding of DevOps methodologies. As DevOps practices are being rapidly adopted across industries, this foundational certification equips candidates with highly relevant and desirable knowledge.

By pursuing the DevOps foundation certificate, professionals demonstrate their commitment to staying updated on best practices. The certification covers core concepts around combining software development and IT operations, facilitating collaboration between teams. Certified professionals have a credible certification that sets them apart from peers. Given how instrumental DevOps is in enabling organizational agility, the certified DevOps foundation increases one’s competency in an extremely valuable area.

Candidates gain well-rounded knowledge that makes them more employable and expands their career opportunities. In a competitive job market, the devops foundation certification better prepares candidates and renders them more desirable.

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  1. Showcase your DevOps objectives and vocabulary
  2. Show your grasp of automation practices and tools
  3. Comprehend benefits to the business and IT
  4. Validate your principles and practices, including continuous integration and automation
  5. Explore the relationship with other frameworks like Agile, Lean, and IT Service Management (ITSM)
  6. Show your insights into culture, communication, collaboration, and organizational considerations

Exam Syllabus of DevOps Foundation Certification

  • 1.Defining DevOps
      • Understand DevOps objectives and vocabulary
      • Comprehend the benefits to the business and IT
      • Gain insights into the history and purpose of DevOps
      • Learn about the components and core principles of DevOps
  • 2.The Three Ways
    • Learn principles and practices, including continuous integration and automation
    • Explore the relationship with other frameworks like Agile, Lean, and IT Service Management (ITSM)
    • Understand the challenges of DevOps
    • Gain knowledge of traditional release process vs. delivery pipeline
  • 3.The First Way: Flow
    • Grasp automation practices and tools
    • Comprehend the importance of feedback loops
    • Learn about continuous integration
    • Understand the traditional release process
  • 4.The Second Way: Feedback
    • Understand the DevOps transformation and its impact
    • Learn about the various DevOps tools and their purpose
    • Gain insights into continuous delivery
    • Comprehend the challenges of DevOps
  • 5.The Third Way: Continual Learning and Experimentation
    • Gain knowledge of measurement and improvement
    • Understand the role of DevOps in the digital transformation journey
    • Learn about continuous deployment
    • Comprehend the core principles of DevOps
  • 6.The Importance of Culture:
    • Understand the importance of culture, communication, and collaboration
    • Explore organizational considerations
    • Gain insights into the benefits of collaborative platforms
    • Comprehend immersive, experiential learning
  • 7. Key DevOps Practices:
    • Learn about common DevOps roles
    • Gain insights into common DevOps practices and techniques
    • Understand technical metrics
    • Comprehend business metrics
  • 8.DevOps in Relation to Other Frameworks:
    • Understand relevant methods and approaches for DevOps teams
    • Explore the benefits of collaborative platforms and immersive, experiential learning
    • Gain knowledge of DevOps leadership
    • Comprehend evolving change
  • 9.DevOps Leadership:
    • Learn about DevOps leadership
    • Explore evolving change
    • Understand the relationship with other frameworks
    • Gain insights into culture, communication, collaboration, and organizational considerations



Automation Architects




Business Analysts










IT Leadership








Tool Providers


BENEFITS OF Certified DEVOPS Foundation


Enhances job market desirability and employability


Expands career opportunities in various domains


Recognized and credible in the IT industry


Equips with sought-after skills and knowledge


Increases knowledge of software development and IT operations


Connects DevOps to Agile, Lean, and IT service management



Some IT experience is recommended to understand key terminology.




There will be a Multiple Choice Questions exam of 40 marks.
You need to acquire 26+ marks to clear the exam.
If you fail, you can retake the exam after one day.
In case Participant does not score passing percentage then they will be granted a 2nd attempt at no additional cost. Re-examination can be taken up to 30 days from the date of the 1st exam attempt.


Sample Certificate



Leah Miklon

Designation - Senior Software Developer

 Passing the DevOps Foundation exam validated the practical knowledge I've gained over years as a software engineer. The focused questions challenged me to demonstrate comprehension of core methodologies.

Miguel Fernandez

Designation - IT Infrastructure Manager

I manage an infrastructure team in a large enterprise setting. Taking the certification exam formalized my understanding of DevOps collaboration principles. I can lead initiatives with more insight.  

Alice Mason

DesignationAssociate Software Engineer

As a recent computer science graduate seeking work, obtaining this foundational certification helped me stand out. The exam’s real-world scenarios proved my familiarity with essential DevOps concepts valued in the industry.


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