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Finops Certified Practitioner (FCP)


GSDC's FinOps Certified Practitioner (FCP) governed by GSDC permits individuals in an enormous assortment of cloud, money, and innovation jobs to approve their FinOps information and upgrade their expert validity. The accreditation covers FinOps basics and an outline of key ideas in every one of the three areas of the FinOps lifecycle: Inform, Optimize and Operate.

The certificate is intended for the individuals who intend to stand firm on a footing in a FinOps group or backing FinOps or cloud monetary administration, or then again assuming that you support FinOps groups as specialists, sellers, or mentors. You will foster comprehension of FinOps, its training regions, and how it's applied to upgrade business esteem from cloud spend.

FCP Certification Badge

Finops Certification OBJECTIVES

  • A FinOps Certified Practitioner will bring a solid comprehension of FinOps, its Principles, Capabilities, and how to help and deal with the FinOps Lifecycle to oversee the cost and utilization of Cloud in your association.
  • They will have a comprehension of key ideas, for example, organizing, capacity, security, upkeep, logging and checking, application lifecycle, investigating, API object natives, and the capacity to layout essential use-cases for end clients.

Target Audiences For FiNOPS Practitioner Certification:

FinOps Certified Practitioner

Cloud Spend Budget Owner

FinOps practitioner, FinOps Analyst

Director of Cloud Optimizations

Manager of Cloud Operations

Cloud Cost Optimization Data Analyst

Service Delivery Manager, Principal Systems Engineer

IT Program and Portfolio Management Leader

Technology leader

Head of Cloud Center of Excellence


IT finance

Head of Cloud Center of Excellence


Finops Certification BENEFITS

After the completion of this FinOps Practitioner Certification, participants will be able to:

Better communicate with other team members and customers effectively.

Learn Capabilities and how to support and manage the FinOps Lifecycle to manage cost and usage of Cloud in your organization.
Gain an understanding of key concepts such as networking, storage, security, maintenance, logging and monitoring, application lifecycle, troubleshooting, API object primitives, and the ability to establish basic use-cases for end users.


There are no such prerequisites for this FinOps Practitioner Certification. But FionOps experience and working knowledge in FinOps Tools will be beneficiary.



90-minutes exam.
40-multiple choice questions (MCQ).
26 out of 40. 65% is needed to pass.
In case the participant does not score the passing percentage, they will be granted a 2nd attempt at no additional cost. Re-examination can be taken up to 30 days from the date of the 1st exam should Tick against only one correct answer in Multiple Choice Questions. 

Sample Certificate


Finops Practitioner Certification EXAM SYLLABUS

1. Introduction to FinOps

  • Definition & Concepts.
  • History of FinOps.
  • FinOps Principles & Fundamentals.
  • FinOps Approach (Traditional vs Modern).

2. Challenges of Cloud in FinOps

  • Selecting & Purchasing the right cloud.
  • Cloud Implementation & Technical Challenges.
  • Communication Change.
  • Working on Cloud.
  • Multiple Cloud Management.
  • Managing Failures.

    3. FinOps Teams

    • Roles & Responsibilities of FinOps Team.
    • Selection Right Team.
    • Selection of Right Skills.
    • Deciding FinOps Team Size.
    • FinOps position and makeup.

    4. FinOps Capabilities

    • Six Pillars of FinOps
    • Team collaboration.
    • Decisions are driven by the business value of the cloud.
    • Everyone takes ownership of their cloud usage.
    • FinOps reports should be accessible and timely.
    • A centralized team drives FinOps.
    • Take advantage of the variable cost model of the cloud.

    5. FinOps Lifecycle

    • Introduction to FinOps Lifecycle.
    • Purpose of FinOps Lifecycle.
    • Phases of FinOps Lifecycle.
    • FinOps Lifecycle Processes.

    6. Terminologies & the Cloud Spend

    • FinOps terminologies.
    • FinOps terms and regulations.
    • Cloud spend management.
    • Cloud Bills and purchases.


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