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Certified Generative AI for Product Management

ABOUT Generative AI For Product Management

Generative AI is transforming Product Management, enabling teams to quickly ideate, prototype and validate new products. As this generative ai for Product Management technology matures, understanding how to ethically leverage it to enhance products is critical.

The GSDC Certified Generative AI Product Management certification validates expertise in using generative AI product Management models like DALL-E for ideation and GPT-3 for writing product requirements. By focusing on the real-world application of generative AI in Product Management, this certification helps professionals future proof their skills. Whether you're looking to level up your own abilities or ensure your team is generative ai Product Management capable, becoming GSDC certified signals your commitment to leading in this fast-moving field.

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1. Validate expertise in generative AI applications.
2. Assess competency in responsible AI implementation.
3. Test knowledge of using AI to automate content creation.
4. Evaluate understanding of AI workflows and processes.
5. Certify skills in leveraging AI to drive innovation.
6.Examine abilities in AI best practices for products.
7.Accredit professionals on cutting-edge AI advancement.
8.Endorse candidates committed to continuous AI learning.
9.Credential understanding of real-world AI problem solving.
10.Qualify candidates ready to lead in era of AI.

TARGET AUDIENCES For Certified Generative AI For Product Management

Product Managers

AI Product Leaders

Heads of AI

Vice Presidents of AI Strategy

Directors of Machine Learning

Generative AI Engineers

AI Solution Architects

AI Project Managers

Machine Learning Developers

Data Science Managers

AI Researchers

Chief AI Officers

AI Program Directors

Heads of Product Innovation

Generative Content Strategists

Automation Technology Specialists


BENEFITS Of Generative AI for Product Management Certificate

Demonstrates generative AI fluency to employers

Qualifies candidates for AI product roles

Prioritizes professional development in AI

Showcases ability to implement AI responsibly

Enhances resume with specialized certification

Keeps skills relevant in AI-driven landscape

Signals proficiency in emerging technology

Validate understanding of best AI practices

Boosts hireability for AI positions

Future-proofs career in AI field


PRE-REQUISITES For Generative AI for Product Management CERTIFICATION

To complete the GENERATIVE AI IN HR CERTIFICATION, you don’t need to bring any prerequisites , but it is important to have a fundamental understanding of HR and L&D concepts and practices.


EXAMINATION of Generative AI for Product Management Certification 

60-minutes exam.
40-multiple choice questions (MCQ).
26 out of 40-65% is needed to pass.
In case the participant does not score the passing percentage, they will be granted a 2nd attempt at no additional cost. Re-examination can be taken up to 30 days from the date of the 1st exam attempt.



EXAM SYLLABUS OF Generative AI for Product Management CERTIFICATION

  • 1.Introduction to Generative AI:
    • Understanding Gen AI and its capabilities
    • The role of Gen AI in modern product management: From ideation to market
    • Overview of Gen AI tools and platforms
    • Case Study: Gathering market insights in just few clicks
  • 2.Gen AI for Idea & Concept Development:
    • Leveraging Gen AI for market research and analysis
    • Using AI to generate and refine product ideas
    • Enhancing creativity and innovation in product design
  • 3.Gen AI for Product Design:
    • Integrating Gen AI in the product development lifecycle
    • Automating design processes with Gen AI (e.g., UI/UX design, prototyping)
    • Personalization and customization of products using AI
    • Case study: Creating a prototype for faster product designing
  • 4.Gen AI for Improving User Experience:
    • Gen AI in improving user engagement and satisfaction
    • Chatbots, virtual assistants, and personalized content
    • Feedback and sentiment analysis through AI
  • 5.Using Gen AI tool as a Product Manager :
    • Enhancing product development with generative AI
    • What AI can do, and what product managers should do
    • Casestudy: Navigating Product Development with Gen AI: A Product Manager’s Toolkit
  • 6.Ideation and generating specific product ideas:
    • Using tools like ChatGPT for user segmentation and research
    • Validating product ideas
    • Prototyping and MVP development with ChatGPT
    • Product testing with ChatGPT
    • Case study: Using ChatGPT for Automating Product Testing


Norman Sands

Designation - Senior Director of AI

Passing this industry-recognized certification confirmed I have the specialized skills employers are looking for in AI leaders. The exam thoroughly evaluates competency in leveraging generative AI to drive real innovation. I'm now qualified for senior product roles focused on cutting-edge tech.

Willey Sam

Designation - Machine Learning Engineer

I appreciated that GSDC focuses specifically on generative AI implementation. The credential has already opened doors for me just weeks after earning it. If you're committed to advancing your understanding of applied AI, I highly recommend adding this certification. 

Leena Marks

Designation - VP of Product Innovation

This targeted certification helps future-proof skills in an AI-powered world. I added it to reinforce my expertise after years of driving AI projects. Passing the exam demonstrates fluency prized by bosses seeking responsible and strategic generative AI adoption.


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