Certified DevOps Master

The DevOps Master Certification offered by GSDC is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge and practical expertise in implementing the DevOps framework. By obtaining the Certified DevOps Master qualification, individuals demonstrate proficiency in multiple aspects of continuous development and deployment, software development operations, continuous integration, and configuration management automation. This certification equips learners with a deep understanding of essential tools such as Git, Docker, Jenkins, Nagios, Puppet, Ansible, and Kubernetes. The primary objective of the Certified DevOps Master program is to foster an appreciation for the cultural shift inherent in DevOps, as well as to cultivate awareness of different roles and responsibilities within cross-functional teams. Additionally, participants gain insight into the pivotal role of automation in achieving the benefits associated with successful DevOps implementation.

Why Should You Become A Certified DevOps Master

DevOps is an ever growing set of principles that helps in building a bridge between the world of development and operations. DevOps Master certified professionals are responsible for implementing DevOps successfully in a team and leads the organization to:

  • Continuous Integration: easy hand-off from Development to Operations and Support
  • Continuous Deployment: release continuously or as per the requirement
  • Continuous Feedback: feedback from stakeholders are looked for during all lifecycle stages
  • Having a blame-free culture of sharing stories and developing empathy,
  • Providing applications and services for the business Just-in-Time (JiT)
Structure of Certified DevOps Master

GSDC’s Certified DevOps Master Certification is basically a combination of two certifications: Certified DevOps Practitioner and DevOps Engineer.

DevOps Master Certification Journey

Firstly, you will have to complete the Certified DevOps Practitioner Certification from GSDC.

Certified DevOps Practitioner

Certified DevOps Master

The high-level learning objectives of the Certified DevOps Practitioner Certification course are as below:

  1. Understanding DevOps basics.
  2. Challenges in the current IT environment.
  3. Managing Cultural Changes.
  4. Popular tools to achieve 360-degree automation.
  5. Implementation Strategies.
  6. DevOps and other processes.
  7. Real-life case studies and examples.
  8. DevOps best practices.

Then, you’ll have to go to the DevOps Engineer Certification.

Certified DevOps Engineer

Certified DevOps Master

DevOps Engineer Certification provides the participants with the ability to learn and demonstrate competency through:

  • Best practices about Continuous Development, Continuous Integration, Continuous Testing, Configuration Management, Continuous Deployment and finally Continuous Monitoring of the software throughout its development life cycle.
  • DevOps principles, Source Code Management, Building CI / CD pipelines, Hands-on experience in Git, GitHub, Docker, Kubernetes, Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Nagios, etc.
  • Strong understanding of the DevOps framework and the benefits of implementing DevOps
  • Necessary elements to successfully implement DevOps.
  • Advocating for the DevOps implementation for delivering high business value with the use of automation and a cross-functional team.
  • Strong understanding of interfacing of existing established frameworks with DevOps.
How Can You Become A Certified DevOps Master?

After the completion of these 2 certifications, you'll be announced as a certified DevOps Master and will be rewarded with a certificate and badge as well. Not only that, but you'll also be accepted and known at the International level to become a GSDC accredited professional.

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