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CERTIFIED Product Manager

About Product manager Certification

The GSDC Certified Product Manager credential establishes a paramount milestone for accomplished product managers, substantiating their adeptness in steering product triumph.

In the present-day dynamic, where innovation and customer-centricity hold unparalleled significance, this certification confers professionals with the acumen to navigate intricacies and deliver consequential solutions adeptly.

As the foremost Product Management Certification Program available, it equips certified product managers with advanced proficiencies in market analysis, astute strategic planning, and seamless cross-functional collaboration.

With a pronounced emphasis on practical real-world application, this certification underscores an innate grasp of the technology trends that intricately mold our world, ensuring that product managers certificate adeptly spearhead the creation of cutting-edge products harmonized with the evolving demands of the market.

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OBJECTIVE Of Certified product manager

1. Showcase mastery in cross-functional collaboration for products.
2. Excel in insightful market analysis for informed decisions.
3. Champion innovation that resonates with evolving customer preferences.
4. Navigate the intricacies of the contemporary product management landscape.
5. Demonstrate skill in aligning products with market trends.
6. Prove excellence in driving product success through expertise.
7. Exhibit proficiency in anticipating and meeting customer needs.

TARGET AUDIENCES For Product Manager Certification

Product Managers

Senior Product Owners

Business Analysts

Marketing Managers


Project Managers


UX/UI Designers

Technical Leads


BENEFITS of product management Certification program

Enhanced strategic leadership for product visionaries

Accelerated career growth via industry recognition

Sharpened market acumen for informed decisions

Seamless cross-functional collaboration for impactful outcomes

Elevated proficiency in customer-centric innovation strategies

Advanced problem-solving in complex product landscapes

Deeper understanding of evolving market dynamics

In-depth skill set alignment with industry trends

Heightened adaptability to dynamic tech advancements


PRE-REQUISITES for Product manager Certificate

Having an experience for 2 years in product management is beneficial.

product manager certification EXAMINATION

90-minutes exam.
40-multiple choice questions (MCQ).
26 out of 40-65% is needed to pass.
In case the participant does not score the passing percentage, they will be granted a 2nd attempt at no additional cost. Re-examination can be taken up to 30 days from the date of the 1st exam attempt.



SYLLABUS of  product manager certification 

  • 1.Introduction to Product Management:
    • Fundamentals of product management
    • Product types
    • Distinguishing between projects and products
    • The product lifecycle
    • Adoption curve of technology
    • The Roles and Mindset of Product Management
  • 2.Considerations in Product Management:
    • Market comprehension
    • Business drivers
    • Utilizing research to discover product concepts and solutions
    • The practicality of product management
    • Techniques to Know your Customers / Users/ Market
  • 3.Product Strategy:
    • The organizational ecosystem
    • Crafting a vision
    • Key metrics for product success
    • Deepening your product knowledge
    • Understanding customer needs
    • Define Product Vision, Mission, Roadmaps, OKRs, Product Metrics
  • 4.Planning:
    • Managing ideas at the product level
    • Outcome-driven roadmaps
    • Develop Product Strategy and case studies
  • 5.Defining a Relevant Product:
    • Approaches to product design
    • Creating hypothesis tests and experiments
    • Refining based on market feedback
    • Developing Business propositions and effective business cases
  • 6.Product Teams:
    • Collaboration with product teams
    • Varieties of teams
    • Teams throughout the product lifecycle
    • Segmenting the product team
    • Product Development and Requirements with Product Team
    • Product Life cycle


Emily Rikes

Designation - Senior Product Manager

The GSDC Certified Product Manager credential transformed my career trajectory. The exam was an actual litmus test, refining my strategic thinking and bolstering my leadership. This recognition resonates across industries, reinforcing my expertise.

Alex Toms

Designation - Product Manager

GSDC Product Management Certification was the turning point. Real-world scenarios in the exam honed my decision-making prowess. A must for those navigating the product landscape. 

Sofia Wenders

Designation - CEO & Founder

The GSDC Certified Product Manager credential shifted my entrepreneurial perspective. The strategies I honed through the exam are integral to my business's success. Being among these experts is empowering.


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