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Certified Ethical Hacking Foundation (CEHF)

About Certification

GSDC's Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Foundation certification is aimed towards demonstrating knowledge of assessing the security of computer systems by looking for weaknesses and vulnerabilities in target systems while using the same knowledge and tools as a malicious hacker yet in a lawful and legitimate manner to assess the security posture of a target system. Organizations employ ethical hackers to invade networks and computer systems with the help of their coding skills to find and fix security vulnerabilities. Certified Ethical Hacking Foundation certification clears your fundamentals of ethical hacking so that you can arrange frameworks with the assent of its creator to discover security vulnerabilities. As a Certified Ethical Hacking Foundation certification holder, you will be able to evaluate the security instances of an association by recognizing vulnerabilities in the system and its framework to make valuable decisions.

Certification badge for Ethical Hacking Foundation


Certified Ethical Hacking Foundation's objective is to shape your knowledge about:

  1. Advanced step-by-step methodologies used by hackers
  2. Writing virus codes
  3. Reverse engineering, so you can better protect corporate infrastructure from data breaches
  4. Advanced network packet analysis
  5. Securing web servers
  6. Malware threats
  7. Advanced system penetration testing techniques to build your network security skillset and beat hackers at their own game.

Target Audience


Security officers


Security professionals

Site administrators

Anyone who is concerned about the integrity of the network infrastructure.



A few benefits of getting an Ethical Hacking Foundation certification are:

Enhanced correspondence using regular wording crosswise over Ethical Hacking

More return on investment

Cyber Security strategies enable associations to understand the advantages of items and possibly a prior rate of return while items are being produced and moved forward

Build up a reasonable meaning of how an ethical hacking approach saves your organization from attacks.

Greater Employability



There are no prerequisites to take up this ethical hacking certification but knowledge of programming and information security will be beneficial.



Multiple-choice exam of 40 marks.
You need to acquire 26+ marks to clear the exam.
In case the Participant failed then they will be free 2nd attempt.
Re-examination can be taken up to 30 days from the date of the 1st exam attempt.


Sample Certificate


Exam Syllabus

1. Introduction to Ethical Hacking

  • Hacking Ethics
  • Legal implications of hacking.
  • Types of hackers
  • Basic Principles
  • White and black box test
  • Phases in the hacking process

2. Network Sniffing

  • Tools for Network Sniffing
  • Tools for Network Sniffing
  • Extracting Information
  • The function of HTTP headers
  • Extract information from HTTP headers

3. Hacking Wireless Networks

  • Aircrack-NG
  • Airodump-NG
  • Functions of tools within Aircrack.
  • ESSID&BSSID means

4. System Penetration

  • Intel Gathering
  • Information on a target online
  • Information on a target within a network
  • Software Tools (Nmap, Metasploit)
  • Can scan a target
  • How to combine tools
  • Fingerprinting and Vulnerabilities
  • How to find vulnerabilities based on scanning results
  • Manual fingerprinting
  • Exploitation and Post Exploitation
  • Vulnerability with Metasploit
  • System information after exploitation

5. Dimensionality Reduction

  • Database Attacks
  • Test for SQLi vulnerabilities
  • Extracting data with SQLi
  • @version, ORDER BY, LIMIT
  • Client-Side Attacks
  • Create an XSS PoC (Proof of Concept)
  • Basics of session hijacking i/c/w XSS
  • Basic XSS filters
  • Server Side Attacks
  • RFI
  • PHP shells such as r57 and c99
  • Bind & Back connect shells

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