Upcoming Webinars:

Date - 20 Oct 2021
Global Testing Essentials Learning Fest

Online Webinar
Duration: 1 Hour Session per day

Past Webinars: 

Date - 20 Oct 2021
Design Thinking for Successful Digital Transformation

Online Webinar
Duration: 1 Hour Session per day

Date - 27th Sept To 30th Sept 2021
GSDC Security Learning Fest 21

4 Day Live Webinar Series
Duration: 1 Hour Session per day

Aug 27, 2021
Do's and Dont's for Site Reliability Engineer

Time: 9:30 AM CST/ 10:30 PM SGT/ 8:00 PM IST
Duration: 1 Hour
Aug 20, 2021
Is L&d ready for a new learning era?

Time: 5 PM SGT / 4 AM CST / 2:30 PM IST
Duration: 1 Hour

About Webinars:

Technology has taken the world by storm in a very short time, leaving many people to wonder what the hype is about. In the series of webinars, GSDCouncil will explain how the technology and popular frameworks works and what makes it fundamentally different than its predecessors.

These free online webinars will enable professionals practicing in the Blockchain area or interested in learning more to share their knowledge and develop their skills. If you are already working in th area or considering becoming a Technology Professional, these webinars are a great way to learn more about it.


Learning Objectives:

  • Overview of various technology and frameworks by Industry experts.
  • A clear, concise rubric for assessing whether and which technology is relevant for business needs.
  • Industry Expert opinion on where it fits (and where it doesn't fit) and helps to set a rubric that will help you to determine if your project needs this technology.
  • Answers to your questions.
  • Case studies from various organizations.


  • Executives in the Technology Sector.
  • Decision-makers who want to understand and Implement technology.
  • Anyone interested in Technologies or frameworks.
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