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The GSDCouncil Blockchain Conference is a one-day, interactive professional forum to learn and share on-the-ground concepts and skill development best practice on Blockchain which takes place annually.

The Blockchain Best Practices Conference is designed to assist public, private sector organizations and IT Professionals in creating a strategic competitive advantage by identifying and implementing Blockchain best practices. These Conferences feature proven techniques, tools, principles, and competencies for addressing Blockchain roadmap. Once you attend a Blockchain conference held by GSDC, you will get to hear from world-class leaders, enhance your blockchain skills and competencies.

Whether you are an application developer, architect, program manager or leader in an organization, you won't want to miss these exciting events!

Throwback To The Blockchain Summit India 2018

Blockchain Summit India 2018 was sponsored by GSDC for the Indian Blockchain Community to hear about the Blockchain Development in India so far and what the world is doing today in Blockchain. They shared their experience as well about how they have implemented Blockchain in their complex organization.

It took place on 24th November 2018 in Pune and on 2nd December 2018 in Bangalore. Blockchain Summit India 2018 provided keynote sessions by eminent speakers, panel discussion and breakout sessions. It also had a community space for spontaneous gathering, presenting what they are doing and exhibit booths.

Sessions were driven by pioneers who are spearheading these practices in vast and complex associations over an extensive variety of ventures.

The keynote speakers the industry luminaries as well as speakers from well-known organizations who shared their experience and learnings from their enterprise Blockchain initiatives.

Want to check what the conference looked like? Visit: www.blockchainsummitindia.com

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