GSDC Partners with Oo2

- 30/03/2020

GSDC partnered with Oo2 Training and Consulting recently. Oo2 Training and Consulting farm is specialized in IT, Management, and Business training. Based in Senegal, OO2 exemption from training is constantly updated to meet the perpetual need for innovation and development of enterprises.

They have a catalog of over 750 courses in digital technology, management, human resources, marketing and quality. They have expanded their training sessions across boundaries with the help of their virtual classes.

Oo2 offers Inter-company training and Intra-company training. Oo2 Formations identify with your company your training needs. They establish together a training plan according to their client's budget and calendar.

Their experience and network of trainers allow them to make optimized offers, both in terms of content, costs, and organization. And with these qualities, GSDC and Oo2's partnership is expected to cover the long run.